Best Japanese BB Creams (Top7)

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Best Japanese BB creams
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—-Table of contents—-

  1.  DECORTÉ (Cosme Decorte) “LACOUTURE Covering Base BB”
  2.  Only Minerals “Mineral Essence BB Cream”
  4.  SEKKISEI “SEKKISEI White BB Cream”
  5.  Attenir “Airy Essence BB”
  6.  INTEGRATE “GRACY Essence Base BB””
  7.  PORE PUTTY “Mineral BB Cream”


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\\ Available at department stores //


DECORTÉ (Cosme Decorte) “LACOUTURE Covering Base BB” (SPF42・PA+++)

 Price  3,850 yen (tax included)
 Size  30g
 Official  website  DECORTÉ (Cosme Decorte)
 Search term  コスメデコルテ ラクチュール カバリング ベース BB N
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  2 shades

  • “01 Light beige”
  • “02 Beige”

There are some primers from Cosme Decorte LACOUTURE series, and “LACOUTURE Covering Base BB” can be used as a BB cream. There are product reviews which say that only this cream and face powder would be enough for light makeup. The shades of these creams are muted, and they don’t add color to your skin as much as foundations do, but they protect your skin from UV rays and make your face brighter. This is suited for a day when you feel like wearing light makeup. This can be used for all types of skin.

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\\ Available at drugstores and shopping malls //


Only Minerals “Mineral Essence BB Cream”(SPF25・PA++)

 Price  4,400 yen (tax included)
 Size  30g
 Official  website  Only Minerals (eng)
 Search term  オンリーミネラル ミネラルエッセンスBBクリーム
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  3 shades

  • Ocher
  • Light ocher
  • Natural beige

Only Minerals, a mineral-based cosmetics brand, was born from a beauty appliance manufacturer “YA-MAN”. Only the natural derived ingredients are used in Only Mineral’s products, and artificial ingredients are not used. Also, almost all of its items can be removed with soap and water, and cleansing is not required. The aim of its products is to make healthy skin while enjoying makeup.

I would like to recommend this BB cream for ladies who care about the raw materials of cosmetics. This is like a face serum cream and makes your skin glowing.

Reviews - Only Minerals “Mineral Essence BB Cream”

⬆︎ Only Minerals’ official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)



 Price  4,620 yen (tax included)
 Size  30g
 Official  website  ASTALIFT
 Search term  アスタリフト BB クリーム
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  2 shades

  • “Light beige (LB)” for fair skin 
  • “Natural beige (NB)” for neutral skin

ASTALIFT is a skincare brand from FUJIFILM which is originally a multinational photography, medical equipment, and biotechnology company. Now FUJIFILM produces skincare and cosmetic items, especially for anti-aging, by utilizing its technology. 

This BB cream contains “Human-type Nano Ceramide” and “Nano Astaxanthin” which give hydration and firmness to your skin. In other words, this cream has skincare benefits as well as lightweight foundation function.

In addition, this cream blocks the longest wavelength of UVA by FUJIFILM’s cutting-edge technology, and the Light Analyzing Powder which controls light absorption and reflection to brighten your skin tone is added to this cream.

Too much explanation? Sorry, I’m a big fan of ASTALIFT.. Just give it a try!

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⬆︎ ASTALIFT’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)



 Price  2,860 yen (tax included)
 Size  30g
 Official  website  KOSE Sekkisei (eng)
 Search term  雪肌精 ホワイト BBクリーム
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  2 shades *01 is brighter than 02

  • o1
  • 02

SEKKISEI is originally a skincare item brand, and it is famous for items which make skin brighter and clear. This BB cream has effectiveness and functions as a face serum, milky lotion, moisturizing cream, sunscreen, primer and foundation regardless of its reasonable price! Though this is a lightweight cream, this BB cream naturally covers spots and skin dullness and makes the dumpy skin smooth. Just apply this BB cream after toner (no other facial cream is needed). 

Furthermore, there is an advanced BB cream, which moisturizes skin more than the above-mentioned normal types. This is recommended for those who have dry skin. The shade options are the same as the normal one.

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Attenir “Airy Essence BB” (SPF30・PA+++)

 Price  2,200 yen (tax included)
 Size  30g
 Official  website  Attenir
 Search term  アテニア エアリーエッセンスBB
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  2 shades

  • #73 Light natural
  • #74 Natural

Attenir is a cosmetic brand which has a concept of selling high-quality products at affordable price, and as its concept, this BB cream is a good value for the price. It was renewed in September 2021, and it has become lighter and more comfortable to wear than the previous one. Also, it includes moisturizing factors, and it covers skin dullness and gives you an even skin tone. 

This is popular among women over 40s as well as 20s and 30s.

attenir airy essence BB
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⬆︎ Attenir’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)


INTEGRATE “GRACY Essence Base BB” (SPF33・PA++)

 Price  1,045 yen (tax included)
 Size  40g
 Official  website  SHISEIDO INTEGRATE
 Search term  資生堂 インテグレート グレイシィ エッセンスベースBB
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  shades

  • 1 Light beige
  • 2 Dark beige

As written in this page (“Japanese Popular Cosmetics Brands”), INTEGRATE’s items are high quality in spite of its reasonable prices. Though it doesn’t have full coverage as foundations do, this cream naturally conceals small wrinkles, skin dullness and pores and helps clear up your skin tone. Also, it has effectiveness and functions as a sunscreen, primer, lightweight foundation, and concealer. This BB cream spreads over your face easily and doesn’t make your skin too glossy. According to product reviews, this BB cream is suited for daily use.

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PORE PUTTY “Mineral BB Cream” (SPF50+・PA++++)

 Price   1,320 yen (tax included)
 Size  30g
 Official  website  Tokiwayakuhin (eng)
 Search term  毛穴パテ職人 ミネラルBBクリーム
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  3 shades

  • Pink – “Natural Matte”
  • Orange – “Enrich Moist”
  • Blue – “Bright Up”
    *The colors here mean the colors of the package.

PORE PUTTY’s BB cream series is quite popular in Japan. I guess that’s because it is a good value for the price, and most of the users are satisfied with its quality. As its brand name, these creams make the pore-free skin possible. These BB creams have full coverage and cover pores perfectly. I believe there are many people who are in trouble with pores and I’m one of them. I would like to recommend PORE PUTTY for those who have the same problem. These are popular among teenagers as well as ladies over 20s.

There are 3 types of BB creams from PORE PUTTY:
– the pink one is for oily skin, which makes skin matte,
– the orange one is for dry skin, which contains collagen and makes skin glowing, and
– the blue one is for fair skin. The blue one is brighter than the other 2 types.

These are named as BB cream, but this can be called a foundation. You don’t need primers when using this cream.

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*Colors in this picture mean colors of the package. (I don’t see the difference between “Natural Matte” (pink package) and “Enrich Moist” (orange package).)


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