Best Japanese Face Serums (Top7)

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Best Japanese Face Serums
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—-Table of contents—-

  1. DECORTÉ (Cosme Decorte) “Moisture Liposome”
  2. IPSA “The Time R Day Essence Stick”
  3. ASTALIFT “Jelly Aquarysta”
  4. ETVOS “Moisturizing Serum”
  5. ELIXIR Superieur “Luminous Glow Mist”
  6. ELIXIR “Design Time Serum”
  7. SOFINA iP “Base Care Serum”


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\\ Available at department stores //


DECORTÉ (Cosme Decorte) “Liposome Advanced Repair Serum”

 Size & Price
  • 30ml – 8,250 yen
  • 50ml – 12,100 yen
  • 75ml – 16,500 yen
    (tax included)
 Official  website  Cosme Decorte
 Search term  コスメデコルテリポソーム アドバンスト リペアセラム
 Rating  @cosme

The serum from DECORTE’s Liposome series was renewed in September, 2021, and it has got about 2,000 reviews on @cosme within 2 months. The old one was super popular, but the renewed one is already getting popular, too.
This is a moisturizing serum and effective in keeping skin moisturized for long hours. Since this serum works as a booster serum, this can be used right after washing your face, and you would feel that your skin absorbs the succeeding skin lotion very well. Furthermore, it improves wrinkles caused by dryness, helps you get smooth skin and minimizes pores.

It’s free from oil, which results in a non-sticky finish. Also, it’s free from alcohol, surface-active agent, and paraben (Preservative), and therefore this low-irritative serum would be suited for sensitive skin, too. This serum can be used both in the morning and at night.


IPSA “The Time R Day Essence Stick”

 Price  3,190 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  IPSA
 Search term  イプサ ザ・タイムR デイエッセンススティック
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  9.5g

This is not a serum-lotion but a stick type moisturizer. Though this is not to be used as a skincare item, I would like to introduce this useful essence stick in this page.

This can be used both before applying on makeup and when touching up the makeup. Apply this balm on where you feel dried, and the part gets hydrated immediately.

The biggest reason why this is quite popular is that this balm is handy and suited for carrying around to touch up the makeup when you are out. Also, there are many people who use this stick on cheeks and around eyes after skincare so that the succeeding foundation, especially powdery foundation, won’t be flaky.


\\ Available at drugstores and shopping malls //


ASTALIFT “Jelly Aquarysta”
 Size & Price
  • Price & quantity (Red)
    40g – 9,900 yen
    60g – 13,200 yen
  • Price & quantity (White)
    40g – 11,000 yen
    60g – 14,300 yen
    (tax included)
 Official  website  ASTALIFT
 Search term  アスタリフト ジェリー アクアリスタ
 Rating  @cosme

ASTALIFT’s “Jelly Aquarysta” is one of my most favorite items, and I’m using this repeatedly. As there are refills sold at lower prices, it is easy to continuously use this item. 

This is a jelly-type skincare item as its name and to be used right after face washing. The jelly will melt into the skin, and ceramides included in the jelly will hydrate the skin. The ceramides fill in the pores, and I can feel that this jelly makes my skin very smooth. This is definitely my essential skincare item.

The one in the red package is the original one released in 2010, and the one in the white package is a new product released in 2021 which has a skin-whitening effect.

You can find product reviews in English here >>> Red / White


ETVOS “Moisturizing Serum”

 Price  4,400 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  ETVOS
 Search term  エトヴォス モイスチャライジングセラム
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  50ml

As introduced in this page (Best Japanese Mineral Cosmetics Brands), ETVOS is a mineral cosmetics and natural skincare brand. Its products are very gentle on the skin and low irritative. In other words, its skincare items can be used by those who have sensitive skin.

The biggest characteristic of this serum is that it is free from the following 7 ingredients: a petroleum-based surfactant, mineral oil, silicon, tar-based pigment, synthetic perfume, paraben (preservatives) and alcohol.

Furthermore, this face serum is effective in keeping the skin moisturized for long hours by ceramides included in it. Though this is low irritative, it has the same effect as the other general moisturizing serums. This serum would help you get an even skin texture.

⬆︎ ETVOS’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)


ELIXIR Superieur “Luminous Glow Mist”

 Price  1,980 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  SHISEIDO ELIXIR
 Search term  エリクシール シュペリエル つや玉ミスト
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  80ml

ELIXIR’s face serums are very popular among a wide range of age groups, and the reason for the fact is that they are reasonable though they are high-quality.

“Luminous Glow Mist” is a spray type serum, which is easy to spread the moisture over the face. The serum is effective in anti-aging, moisturizing and helping makeup last longer, and the key factor of the effect is oil included in it. This can be used even after makeup, and therefore it is suited to carry around for touching up makeup, for example at evening. 


ELIXIR “Design Time Serum”

 Price  4,950 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  SHISEIDO ELIXIR
 Search term  エリクシール デザインタイム美容液
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  40ml (approximately 100 times’ worth)

This is another face serum from ELIXIR, which is focusing on anti-aging. This serum-lotion will cover and wrap the face to moisturize it. There are many product reviews which say the skin got softer than before by continuously using this serum.

ELIXIR’s official website describes that this serum-lotion will soften the skin from inside and help you get a resilient skin. Also, this serum is effective in preventing and reducing smile lines. Since this serum has a profound effect on anti-aging, this is popular among women over 30s or 40s.


SOFINA iP “Base Care Serum”

*Dodai means base in Japanese. 

 Price  5,500 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  SOFINA (eng)
 Search term  SOFINA iP ベースケア セラム 土台美容液
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  90g

SOFINA iP “Base Care Serum” often appears on magazines and SNSs, and they are very popular.

This serum is a new sense skincare item as it foams a carbonated bubble and the bubble pops on the face. (It feels so good when the bubble pops!) It lays the foundation on skin to enhance the effect of succeeding skincare items.

Though the main idea of this item is to boost effectiveness of the subsequent skincare items, this serum itself is effective in making the skin smooth and keeping the skin hydrated. This would be the best solution for those who want to soften their skin.  


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