Best Japanese Concealers (Top7)

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—-Table of contents—-

  1. Clé de Peau Beauté “CORRECTEUR VISAGE”
  3. IPSA “Creative Concealer e”
  4. Diem Couleur (POLA) “Color Blend Powder Concealer”
  5. ACSEINE “Skin Color Control”
  6. excel “Silent Cover Concealer”
  7. CEZANNE “Poreless Concealer”


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\\ Available at department stores //


Clé de Peau Beauté “CORRECTEUR VISAGE” (SPF25・PA+++)

 Price  6,600 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Clé de Peau Beauté
 Search term  クレ・ド・ポー ボーテ コレクチュールヴィサージュ
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  5g
 Shades  5 shades (*The number is corresponding to the picture below)

  • 1: LO (light ochre)
  • 2: NO (natural ochre)
  • 3: DO (dark ochre)
  • 4: PO (pink ochre)
  • 5: H (honey)

CORRECTEUR VISAGE from Clé de Peau Beauté is one of the top-rated concealers in Japan. It is high-priced for a concealer, but there are reasons why it is selling very well. It melts into skin and has full coverage to conceal any troubles on the face such as dark circles, spots, acne blemishes, redness around nostrils, skin dullness and pores. I’m sure this concealer will resolve any problems.

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 Price  6,600 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Clé de Peau Beauté
 Search term  クレ・ド・ポー ボーテ コレクチュールエクラプールレジュー
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  2.5g
 Shades  4 shades

  • LO (light ocher)
  • PO (pink ocher)
  • NO (natural ocher)
  • M (moca)

This is also a concealer from Clé de Peau Beauté, but this is a brush-type concealer especially for around eyes. Since it spreads easily and melts into skin, it won’t make wrinkles noticeable. Also, it doesn’t get smudged easily, and it keeps your skin bright for hours. I would like to recommend this concealer for those who have troubles with dark circles around eyes because it has enough coverage to conceal them.

Push the button about 20 times when you start using this, and two pushes would be enough to cover your skin around eyes.

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IPSA “Creative Concealer e” (SPF25・PA+++)

 Price  3,850 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  IPSA
 Search term  イプサ クリエイティブコンシーラーe
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  4.5g
 Shades  3 shades in a palette

IPSA’s Creative Concealer e is a new type of concealer, which gathers light and reflects it. Therefore, it makes your face brighter and clear by applying it over skin dullness. This concealer doesn’t have that much coverage like the other liquid concealers, but it tones your skin naturally and beautifully and won’t come off until night.

In addition, you can create more than 10 colors and find the best suited color for each particular part on your face by mixing the powders.


Diem Couleur (POLA) “Color Blend Powder Concealer”

 Price  5,280 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  POLA
 Search term  ディエム クルール カラーブレンドパウダーコンシーラー
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  5g
 Shades  Multiple colors in a palette

Diem Couleur is a cosmetic brand from POLA, one of the greatest cosmetic companies in Japan. It was born in 2018 and focuses on base makeup items.

Since Diem Couleur demonstrated that clear skins consisted of not beige but multiple colors when magnifying the skin, it incorporated color blending effectiveness into its products. It doesn’t look like a concealer, but there are many product reviews which say it is good for covering dark circles under eyes, redness and skin dullness. As beauty serum (oil) and beauty ingredients are included in this concealer, it doesn’t dry your skin.

The white color was added to the palette by the renewal in August 2021, and it has already got many positive reviews. Is it only me who feels happy just looking at this pretty palette?

This palette can be used as a blush and a lip primer as well as a concealer. The way to use the palette are as follows:

<To conceal skin dullness and dark circles under eyes>
Diem Couleur (POLA) “Color Blend Powder Concealer”
<To conceal spots>
Diem Couleur (POLA) “Color Blend Powder Concealer”
<To use as a blush>
Diem Couleur (POLA) “Color Blend Powder Concealer”

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\\ Available at drugstores and shopping malls //


ACSEINE “Skin Color Control” (SPF19・PA+++)

 Price  3,850 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  ACSEINE
 Search term  アクセーヌ スキンカラーコントロール
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  10g
 Shades  2 shades

  • 01 “Standard tone”
  • 02 “Brighter”

ACSEINE’s cosmetic and skincare items are co-developed with dermatologists to produce hypoallergenic items. ACSEINE’s items are available at both department stores and shopping malls in Japan. 

Skin Color Control is a cream type concealer and can be used like a foundation. Apply the cream to the part where you have troubles before foundation. This concealer naturally covers redness, skin dullness and dark circles under eyes. This is an all-purpose concealer not only for around eyes but also the entire face.

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excel “Silent Cover Concealer”

 Price  1,760 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  excel
 Search term  エクセル サイレントカバー コンシーラー
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  3 shades in a palette

This concealer is similar to the one from IPSA introduced above and has 3-color powders in a palette. It is possible to create a color best suited for your skin tone by mixing the powders. The powder won’t remain in wrinkles as the powder melts into your skin, so it can be used around eyes as well. This palette has a good reputation that it stays on well for hours.

The recommended ways to use the colors are as follows:
(A) brown beige: to cover spots, skin dullness around eyes and acne blemishes,
(B) orange beige: to cover bluish dark circles under eyes and to make your skin ruddy, and
(C) light beige: to adjust colors after (A) and (B) and to make skin brighter. This color is also good for covering redness around nostrils.

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CEZANNE “Poreless Concealer”

 Price  715 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  CEZANNE
 Search term  セザンヌ 毛穴レスコンシーラー クリア
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  11g
 Shades  1 shades (clear)

This concealer is recommended for those who have troubles with pores. I guess there are many people who want to hide pores including me, and this is useful to realize it.

Use this concealer after skincare and before primer to make your skin smooth. Since this concealer includes sebum absorbing powder, it prevents your makeup from getting smudged and oily. Since the price is quite reasonable, I want everyone to try it. This concealer is colorless and transparent (with a little bit of shimmer), but it covers pores very well.

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