Best Japanese Eyeshadows (Top7)

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Best Japanese EyeshadowsPhoto credit: Color photo created by wirestock –

Hi there ♡

Don’t you think eyeshadow is the most important makeup item? What kind of impression you may give depends on how your eyes look! So I don’t wanna compromise on choosing an eyeshadow.

This page helps you with choosing one from a wide variety of options.
I gathered 7 popular Japanese eyeshadows on this page which are carefully selected based on customer reviews and ratings. Also, you can move to pages where customer reviews are translated into English and to online shopping sites where you can get the item from both Japan and outside of Japan.


  • If you are looking for a useful brown eyeshadow palette, LUNASOL’s “Skin Modeling Eyes” (shade: 01 Beige beige) is the only choice.
  • If you are looking for a pink eyeshadow palette, choose SUQQU’s “Signature Color Eyes” (shade: 04 SUMINADESHIKO (純撫子))
  • If you like shimmers (like me), check out ADDICTION’s The Eyeshadow Sparkle series.
  • If you are seeking a specific shade, take a look at DECORTÉ’s “Eye Glow Gem.”
  • If you want an eyeshadow palette similar to high-end eyeshadow palettes, excel would meet your expectations.
    —-Table of contents—-
  1. LUNASOL “Skin Modeling Eyes”
  2. ADDICTION “The Eyeshadow (92 Mariage (P))”
  3. SUQQU “Signature Color Eyes”
  4. DECORTÉ (Cosme Decorte) “Eye Glow Gem”
  5. KATE “Vintage Mode Eyes”
  6. excel “Skinny Rich Eyeshadow”
  7. CANMAKE “Silky Souffle Eyes”


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\\ Available at department stores //


LUNASOL “Skin Modeling Eyes”

 Price  5,500 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  LUNASOL
 Search term  ルナソル スキンモデリングアイズ
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  2 shades

  • 01 “Beige Beige”
  • 02 “Beige Orange”

LUNASOL’s eyeshadow palettes are the top-selling eyeshadows among the other Japanese eyeshadows. There are around 8,000 product reviews on the most viewed product review site, @cosme, which means Skin Modeling Eyes series is super popular.It’s been sold since 2007, and it’s been a top-selling item for about 13 years. I guess that’s because the basic brown colors are useful for natural makeup. If you are seeking the most popular eyeshadow in Japan, just give it a try. I bet you won’t regret purchasing it.

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⬆︎LUNASOL’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (free shipping)


ADDICTION “The Eyeshadow Sparkle (004SP Mariage)

 Price  2,200 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  ADDICTION (eng)
 Search term  アディクション ザアイシャドウ スパークル
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades   20 shades including the shade “004SP Mariage”

I would like to recommend ADDICTION’s eyeshadows, especially the shade “004SP Mariage”, to every woman! ADDICTION’s “004SP Mariage” is my most favorite eyeshadow. This is a pink shimmering eyeshadow, and the shimmers are super beautiful. Though the pink color is muted, the shimmers are strong.

I’m using this eyeshadow on lower eyelids (eye bags) as well as upper eyelids. On lower eyelids, I apply a light pink eyeshadow first and add this ADDICTIONS’s Mariage eyeshadow to add sparkle. I’m pretty sure everyone would love this lovely pink shimmering eyeshadow. 

<004SP Mariage>

I took a photo with the eyeshadow on my arm to show how it looks on skin.
See the modest and beautiful shimmers :)♡

<Other shades>
Check ADDICTION’s official website (eng)!


SUQQU “Signature Color Eyes”

 Price  7,700 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  SUQQU (eng)
 Search term  スック シグニチャー カラー アイズ
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  6 palettes

  • 01 MIZUHANA (瑞花)
  • 02 YOUKOUIRO (陽香色)
  • 03 HIKARIGURE (光暮)
  • 04 SUMINADESHIKO (純撫子)
  • 05 AKEKAGE (緋影)
  • 06 FUKAKANADE (深奏)

SUQQU’s Signature Color Eyes series is also acknowledged as a great item. SUQQU has a concept of making women more dignified by using its items. Its products make women not flashy but elegant.

The eyeshadows don’t consist of strong shimmers, and the gloss is relatively modest. I would like to recommend SUQQU’s items for ladies who want to look like and to be a classy lady. In Japan, SUQQU is popular among women around 30s and 40s.

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DECORTÉ (Cosme Decorte) “Eye Glow Gem”

 Price  2,970 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Cosme Decorte (eng)
 Search term  コスメデコルテ アイグロウ ジェム
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades   30 shades

Cosme Decorte’s cream eyeshadow series is a creamy eyeshadow as its name, and it spreads on your eyes easily and melts into your skin. The eyeshadows don’t have strong shimmers, but the pearlescent eyeshadows glow beautifully in a different way than shimmer-based eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are recommended for those who like not sparkle eyeshadows but pearl-based eyeshadows.

Among the other shades, the shade “BE387 apricot tea” is popular because a Japanese beauty icon, Minami Tanaka, recommended this shade. This shade is actually elegant and will fit on any woman. 

Also, the shade “BE390 moon mist” is also popular because it can be used as a highlighter. 

<BE387 apricot tea>
<BE390 moon mist>

<Other shades>

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\\ Available at drugstores and shopping malls //


KATE “Designing Brown Eyes”

 Price  1,320 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  KATE
 Search term  ケイト デザイニングブラウンアイズ
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  8 palettes

  • BR-1 Warm Brown
  • BR-2 Coral Brown
  • BR-3 Orange Brown
  • BR-4 Red Brown
  • BR-5 Latte Brown
  • BR-6 Pink Brown
  • BR-7 Cool Brown
  • BR-8 Glitter Brown

KATE’s eyeshadows are quite reasonable, but they make your eyes look beautiful. Also, you can find your favorite eyeshadow palette as there are many color options.

The Designing Brown Eyes series is introduced in this page, but KATE has many types of eyeshadow palettes such as single eyeshadows, 2-shade eyeshadows, 3-shade eyeshadows and multiple eyeshadow palettes. KATE’s cosmetics are low-priced, but there is no doubt about the quality. 

 I can recommend its items with confidence. 

Kate brown eyesPhoto credit:


excel “Skinny Rich Eyeshadow”

 Price  1,650 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  excel
 Search term  エクセル スキニーリッチシャドウ
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  7 palettes

  • SR01: Beige brown
  • SR02: Real brown
  • SR03: Royal brown
  • SR04: Smoky brown
  • SR05: Warm brown
  • SR06: Sensual brown
  • SR10: Peony brown

excel has also useful eyeshadow palettes. They are reasonable, but I don’t see the difference between excel’s products and products sold at department stores at high prices. Furthermore, excel’s eyeshadow palettes have been awarded by one of the biggest product review sites in Japan, @cosme, many times since they were released.

excel has a wide variety of brown-based eyeshadow palettes, and thus these are recommended for those who are looking for a particular brown eyeshadow. Though all of them are brown-based, they are not the same. My favorite one is “SR04: Smoky brown” which makes me look mature, and I hope you find your favorite brown eyeshadows too:)

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CANMAKE “Silky Souffle Eyes”

 Price  825 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  CANMAKE (eng)
 Search term  キャンメイク シルキースフレアイズ
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  7 palettes + limited palettes

  • [01] Noble Beige
  • [02] Rose Sepia
  • [03] Leopard Bronze
  • [04] Sunset Date
  • [05] Topaz Pink
  • [07] Nectarine Orange
  • [08] Strawberry Copper

The most remarkable thing about CANMAKE’s cosmetics is that they are quite cheap but high quality. These eyeshadow palettes are less than 1,000 yen! The palettes mainly consist of pink-based or brown-based eyeshadows, and these colors are easier to use than other colors such as orange, blue and purple. These basic color palettes are the item better to have at least one. 

CANMAKE’s items are best suited for those who are looking for high-quality economical cosmetics.

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