Best Japanese Highlighters (Top6)

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Best Japanese Highlighters
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—-Table of contents—-

  1. Clé de Peau Beauté “REHAUSSEUR D’ÉCLAT”
  2. SHISEIDO “Inner Glow Cheek Powder”
  3. IPSA “Catchlight Stick”
  4. ADDICTION “The Glow Stick”
  5. CEZANNE “Pearl Glow Highlight”
  6. CANMAKE “Highlighter”

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Clé de Peau Beauté “REHAUSSEUR D’ÉCLAT”

 Price  8,800 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Clé de Peau Beauté
 Search term  クレ・ド・ポーボーテ レオスールデクラ
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  4 palettes: 14,16,17 and 18

Clé de Peau Beauté’s “REHAUSSEUR D’ÉCLAT” series has been one of the best selling highlighters in Japan. It is like an art work, and I feel so happy just by looking at these beautiful marble highlighters.

It is not just attractive but also high-quality. There are many product reviews which say the powder sticks firmly to skin, which means it doesn’t come off easily. The highlighter covers skin problems as it is designed to make the most of light reflection by its fine pearls and shimmers.

The characteristics of each shades are as follows:
14: The warm color covers especially dark circles around the eyes. The pink and beige powder matches skin tone and doesn’t stand out on your face.
16: This shade works effectively for lightening up your skin tone. Also, the gold powder makes your skin glowing.
17: This is the most popular shade among these 4 shades. The white and pastel based powder makes your skin clear and bright. This shade gives your face transparency.
18: This highlighter is suited for skin which doesn’t have a good complexion. It naturally makes your skin ruddy.

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SHISEIDO “Inner Glow Cheek Powder”

 Price  4,400 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  SHISEIDO (eng)
 Search term  資生堂 インナーグロウ チークパウダー
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  10 shades

  • 01 Inner Light
  • 02 Twilight Hour
  • 03 Floating Rose
  • 04 Aura Pink
  • 05 Solar Haze
  • 06 Alpen Glow
  • 07 Cocoa Dusk
  • 08 Berry Dawn
  • 09 Ambient White
  • 10 Medusa Pink

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The light shades can be used as a highlighter, and especially Medusa Pink (10) is very popular in Japan.


IPSA “Catchlight Stick”

 Price  3,850 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  IPSA
 Search term  イプサ キャッチライトスティック
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  3 shades

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

This is a highlighter especially for around eyes. The light will be gathered in your eyes by applying this highlighter around your eyes. The reason why this highlighters are popular is that it covers problems around eyes which cannot be covered just by a concealer. This is designed to make the most of light to cover the skin problems, and it keeps the skin glowing naturally. 

  • Red is for the skin which doesn’t have a good complexion.
  • Yellow is for the skin which has spots and freckles.
  • Blue is for bumpy skin.

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ADDICTION “The Glow Stick”

 Price  4,180 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  ADDICTION (eng)
 Search term  アディクション ザ グロウ スティック
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  4 shades

  • 001P Above the Moon
  • 002P When the Sky is Gold
  • 003P The Sun I can Touch
  • 011G Feel the Heat, See the Light

This series is also a stick type highlighter. What is special about this highlighter is that it keeps skin glowing while naturally lighting up the skin.

The highlighter includes fine and transparent pearls which are super tiny and sophisticated. It melts into and sticks firmly to the skin, and therefore it doesn’t stand out on the face. Though it keeps skin moisturized, it is not sticky. I wanna recommend this series to those who don’t like powder-type highlighters which stand out on the face.

This series can be used as a eyeshadow primer as well as a highlighter for around eyes, cheeks and decorte. 

ADDICTION glow stick
ADDICTION The Glow Stick
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\\ Available at drugstores and shopping malls //


CEZANNE “Pearl Glow Highlight”

 Price  660 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  CEZANNE
 Search term  セザンヌ パールグロウハイライト
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  3 shades

  • 01 Champagne beige
  • 02 Rose beige
  • 03 aurora mint

This is the most popular highlighter in Japan, and it is highly rated in the cosmetics product review site, @cosme. This is just 660 yen! It’s so cheap!

There are 3 shades: “01 Champagne beige” is white beige, which lightens up your face and makes your face glow, “02 Rose beige” is pink beige, which is easy to use and matches skin tone, “03 aurora mint” is colored in muted mint blue, which includes 3 types of pearl powder and gives transparency to your skin. Though shiny pearl powder is included in all of them, the face doesn’t get flashy. 

I believe this series is super popular because it’s cheap but very satisfactory. There must be repeat customers.

CEZANNE pearl glow highlighter

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CANMAKE “Highlighter”

 Price  605 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  CANMAKE
 Search term  キャンメイク ハイライター
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  2 shades

  • L01 Champagne gold
  • N01 Silky beige

This series is cheaper than the above-mentioned CEZANNE’s highlighter series. These highlighters don’t have a point worthy of special mention, but it can be said that they are very satisfactory. Try this series if you are looking for an ordinary highlighter at a reasonable price.

I don’t see the big difference between the shades, but L01 is lighter than N01. According to CANMAKE’s official website, N01 matches skin tone better than L01 and is more natural than L01. Both shades include pearls and shimmers.

CANMAKE highlighter

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