Best Japanese Lipsticks (Top7)

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Best Japanese Lipsticks
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Hi there ♡

Are you looking for something for change? How about changing your mood with lipsticks? You can change your lipsticks according to your mood of the day, seasons, occasions and how you wanna look.

I gathered 7 popular Japanese lipsticks on this page which are carefully selected based on customer reviews and ratings. Also, you can move to pages where customer reviews are translated into English and to online shopping sites where you can get the item from both Japan and outside of Japan.

You can go wrong with the lipstick introduced in this page!


  • If you like Japan, SUQQU’s lipsticks that give a true Japanese atmosphere would be the right choice. The subdued colors are soJapanese.
  • If you wanna pick one from a wide variety of color selections, shu uemura and Celvoke would meet your expectations.
  • If you wanna try the latest craze in drugstore makeup, pick Opera’s Lip tint. It’s one of the most beloved lipsticks in Japan.

—-Table of contents—-

  1. SUQQU “Moisture Rich Lipstick”
  2. ADDICTION “The Matte Lip Liquid”
  3. shu uemura “rouge unlimited lacquer shine
  4. Celvoke “Dignified Lips”
  5. Opera “Lip Tint N”
  6. excel “Grace Balm Lip”
  7. Maquillage “Dramatic Rouge EX”


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SUQQU “Moisture Rich Lipstick”

SUQQU “Moisture Rich Lipstick”Photo credit:

 Price  5,500 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  SUQQU 
 Search term  スック モイスチャー リッチ リップスティック
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  12 shades

SUQQU’s “Moisture Rich Lipstick” series is beloved in spite of its price. The lipsticks include 3 types of oil, and therefore they moisturize lips very well as the product name. Thanks to the oil, lips will be juicy and glowing as well even though these are lipsticks, not lip gloss.  

It seems the shades “10 Kogareaka” and “11 Rinku” are popular as these shades are very chic. The shade “03 Hibeni” would be best for those who want fresh pink. It makes you look cheerful.

– 03 陽紅 -HIBENI
– 04 金杏 -KINANZU
– 06 鮮絢華 -SENKENKA
– 07 琵琶艶 -BIWATSUYA
– 08 紅金魚 -BENIKINGYO
– 09 輝赤 -KIAKA
– 10 焦紅 -KOGAREAKA
– 11 凛紅 -RINKU
– 12 金銀杏 -KINICHOU


ADDICTION “The Matte Lip Liquid”


 Price  3,520 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  ADDICTION
 Search term  アディクション ザ マット リップ リキッド
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  13 shades

ADDICTION’s “The Matte Lip Liquid” series looks like a lip gloss, but it’s not. The finish of this series is not juicy, but it doesn’t make your lips get dried. Also, it sticks firmly to your lips, and the color lasts long. Since the texture of this item is very light, you might forget that you are wearing the lip liquid.

If you feel the lip liquid dries your lips, you can apply a colorless lip cream sold at drugstores on this lip liquid to prevent your lips from getting dried. In addition, the color doesn’t transfer to a face mask you are wearing. This is suitable in this day and age! 

I often see the shades “001 Vintage Mahogany” and “002 Copper Cherrywood” on SNS, which means these shades are popular.

<001 Vintage Mahogany>
<002 Copper Cherrywood>
– 001 Vintage Mahogany
– 002 Copper Cherrywood
– 003 Think Fuchsia 

– 004 Fuchsia Garnet
– 005 Red Red 
– 006 Femme Chapeau
– 007 Florescence Poppy
– 008 There is no Blue
– 009 Peruvian Brown
– 010 Roman Sienna
– 011 Carmine Red
– 012 Foxiest Brown
– 013 Bordeaux Brown


shu uemura “rouge unlimited lacquer shine”

shu uemura “rouge unlimited lacquer shine
Photo credit:

 Price  3,630 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  shu uemura
 Search term  シュウ ウエムラ ルージュ アンリミテッド ラッカーシャイン
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  13 + limited shades

  • Wine & Pink “LS WN”: 249, 282, 353, 379
  • Coral “LS CR”: 341, 349
  • Orange “LS OR”: 552
  • Red “LS RD”: 140, 160, 163
  • Beige & Brown “LD BG”: 913, 925, 784

shu uemura’s “rouge unlimited lacquer shine” series makes you look very sexy. The rouge melts like chocolates, but it colors lips intensely. This series can fit on women at any age, as it is both chic and energetic.  

I would like to recommend 3 shades: “LS RD 163”, “LS BG 913” and “LD BG 925”.
“LS RD 163” is an ordinary red lipstick which would match a red lip gloss with shimmer. You might look a little bit flashy by the combination, but don’t you wanna be different from the usual?:) The muted beige shade “LS BG 913” should be very useful. This is very suited for when you wanna be elegant or when you are wearing bright colors on cheeks so that the color of the blush stands out. I guess every woman loves “LD BG 925”. This can be used at the office and when dating someone. The shade makes you look very pure and chic. 

<Shade finder>rouge unlimited lacquer shine

<Recommended shades>
rouge unlimited lacquer shine


Celvoke “Dignified Lips”

Celvoke “Dignified Lips”Photo credit:

 Price  3,520 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Celvoke
 Search term  セルヴォーク ディグニファイド リップス
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades   33 shades + limited shades

Celvoke’s “Dignified Lips” series has tons of shades, and therefore it might be difficult to find your favorite shade on the internet. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce some popular shades here.

But first, let me describe the characteristics of the lipsticks. They include Celvoke’s original oil, and thus they keep your lips glowing, but at the same the finish look is kind of matte. So you can have it both ways. Also, as the lipsticks are not too solid, they are very easy to move on lips smoothly. 

You can apply the lipstick twice when you want to color your lips intensely.

<Recommended shades>
*None of the shades introduced below includes shimmer

◆ 04 Pink brown: This lipstick was used by one of the most popular actresses in Japan, Satomi Ishihara, in a drama “Unattainable lady (高嶺の花 in Japanese)”. This pink is not too bright and chic, and this would be the best choice for those who wanna look elegant.

◆ 09 Terracotta: this is call “legendary #9”. It was difficult to find this shade at their shops in department stores. The special orange color attracts women. I think no explanation is required for this super popular shade.

◆ 17 Sheer pink: This is a coral pink lipstick, which will be beloved by women who like bright pink. This shade would lighten up your face and make you look adorable. This shade is also best suited for dating:)♡

◆ 23 Sheer sand: This is brighter orange than #9 Terracotta. I love using orange lipsticks in summer so that I look cheerful. This shade looks ocher, but it would become juicy orange on your lips.

Check out Celvoke’s official website for other shades.


\\ Available at drugstores and shopping malls //


Opera “Lip Tint N”

Opera “Lip Tint N”
Photo credit:

 Price  1,650 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Imju
 Search term  オペラ リップティント N
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  9 + limited shades

  • 01 Red (レッド)
  • 02 Pink (ピンク)
  • 03 Apricot (アプリコット)
  • 04 Orange (オレンジ)
  • 05 Coral Pink (コーラルピンク)
  • 06 Pink Red (ピンクレッド)
  • 07 Baby Pink (ベビーピンク)
  • 08 Burgundy (バーガンディー)
  • 09 Terra Cotta (テラコッタ)

Opera’s “Lip Tint N” series is the most popular lip tint series and one of the best selling products among Japanese cosmetics items. It’s been sold very well (sold more than 170 million lip tints), and there are more than 15,000 product reviews on one of the biggest Japanese review sites: @cosme! Of course, I have some. 

Lips tend to be dried by lip tints, but Opera’s lip tint series doesn’t make it happen because lip treatment oil is included to moisturize lips. Also, Opera’s lip tint series reacts to humidity on lips and colors lips beautifully. 

The reasons why Opera’s lip tint series is beloved is that the color lasts on lips for hours, that the color doesn’t get removed easily, and that it’s very reasonable!

Opera Lip tint N Opera Lip tint N


excel “Grace Balm Lip”

excel “Grace Balm Lip”Photo credit:

 Price  1,760 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Noevir Group
 Search term  エクセル グレイズバームリップ
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  12 shades

  • GB01: Red Garnet (レッドガーネット)
  • GB02: Peach Tart (ピーチタルト)
  • GB03: Apricot Cinnamon (アプリコットシナモン)
  • GB04: Honey Nectar (ハニーネクター)
  • GB05: Cassis Rose (カシスロゼ)
  • GB06: Chocolate-Berry (ショコラベリー)
  • GB07: Watermelon (ウォーターメロン)
  • GB08: Secret Mocha (シークレットモカ)
  • GB09: Sepia Mauve (セピアモーヴ)
  • GB10: Beetroot Jam (ビーツジャム)
  • GB11: Pomegranate (ポメグラネイト)
  • GB12: Hot Caramel (ホットカラメル)

I would like to introduce excel’s “Grace Balm Lip” series because the new shades of the year 2020 is super cute!

The other existing sahdes are beautiful, of course, but the new shades are chic and more elegant especially for autumn and winter. They are not bright colors but sober colors, and I feel it will make me mature. The existing shades are very cheerful and bright, and thus I would like to use them in Spring and Summer.

What is special about this series is not only the colors but also a moisturizing effect that the lipsticks keep lips moisturized by oil included in them and keep lips glowing.

My favorite shade is “GB09 Sepia Mauve, a mix of dark pink and purple. I love it because I’m sure this shade would suit an elegant lady whom I desire to become like.

It’s quite reasonable. Please give it a try!:)

<New shades of the year 2020>
excel “Grace Balm Lip”
<Existing shades>
excel “Grace Balm Lip”


Maquillage “Dramatic Rouge EX”

Maquillage “Dramatic Rouge EX”
Photo credit:

 Price  3,080 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Maquillage
 Search term  マキアージュ ドラマティックルージュEX
 Rating  @cosme
 Shades  10 shades

  • NEUTRAL: RD430
  • BLUE BASED: RD425, RS329, PK440, RS377
  • YELLOW BASED: BE777, RD533, OR420, PK333, RD365

First, the look of Maquillage’s “Dramatic Rouge EX” series is very fascinating. This series makes lips glowing and has a reputation that it creates juicy lips though this is a lipstick. The beauty oil included in the lipsticks moisturizes lips for hours.

Maquillage is popular among women around 30s or more, and there are many repeat customers. Though fine shimmer is included, it doesn’t stand out, and therefore this is the best item for mature ladies.

Maquillage “Dramatic Rouge EX”


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