Forwarders for individuals

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You need a forwarder when shopping on Japanese e-commerce websites.

All the companies listed below provide the following services:
・delivering what you bought at Japanese e-commerce sites to your country
・offering your own delivery address in Japan

・consolidating several parcels into one delivery

Rakuten Global Express
Languages: English / 繁體中文 / 简体中文 / 한국어 日本語

Countries serviced:
*Check this page for how to create an account on Rakuten Global Express

Languages: English / 繁體中文 / 简体中文 / 한국어 / 日本語

Countries serviced:

↓Language can be changed by the button on the top right (encircled in red)

Languages: English / 日本語
Countries serviced:


Second Post
Languages: The website is available only in Japanese
Countries serviced: *available only in Japanese



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