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There are a bunch of Japanese e-commerce sites on the Internet, but many of them allow only residents in Japan to open an account. A reason why I recommend you to shop directly at Japanese e-commerce sites is that, in many cases, it is less expensive than shopping at websites in your own country who charges you high commission fee.

E-commerce sites where you can enjoy shopping from outside of Japan can be found in this page. All of the sites have some items subject to international shipping, but they are quite limited as it depends on each seller. If you wish to purchase items at normal price in Japan and from a wide variety of options, using delivery agencies instead of international shipping services is highly recommended. Items will be delivered to the agency’s warehouse in Japan, and then the agency will forward the parcel to your home in your country.

Find delivery agencies: Delivery Agencies
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● Amazon Japan

Rakuten Ichiba (one of the biggest Japanese e-commerce sites)

1. How to create an account on Rakuten Ichiba
2. 《Rakuten Ichiba》Tips on Earning Rakuten Points

Yahoo Shopping (one of the biggest Japanese e-commerce sites)


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