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【ebay】top-selling Japanese Products
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<Kitchen Appliances>
<Beauty & Home Appliances>

5. Panasonic
6. Nikon


\\ Why Japanese products? //


【ebay】top-selling Japanese Products
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Like other countries, Japan has many products favored and acknowledged by people around the world because of its quality and durability. Most of the Japanese manufacturers offer several options, and therefore we can choose a product in line with our wishes from a wide range of prices.

I’m introducing Japanese products on this website as there are lots of great products in Japan and I would like many people to know how good they are.

I guess, however, one of the problems for realizing it is that people living overseas cannot get them easily. But ebay would solve the problem. ebay has many Japanese products, and I believe you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Just one thing. Please be careful with fake products. Extremely low-priced products without any reasonable reasons might be fake. I know it’s quite difficult for us to judge if it’s genuine or fake on the Internet, so I recommend you shop from reliable sellers. The sellers referred below have sold many Japanese products and got good customer reviews and ratings.

If you are looking for a Japanese products, search it on their pages.

<Recommended sellers>


\\Kitchen Appliances//



Bruno is a relatively new brand, but it’s been super popular for years in Japan. The biggest reason for its popularity is that the price is quite reasonable. The products are useful, cute and stylish, but most of the products cost around $100. (Note: If you choose a package deal which includes several griddles, the price would be higher. )

The picture on the left is an electric griddle. The normal set comes with a flat griddle and a griddle for Takoyaki. If you know what Takoyaki is and how to cook them, you would love the Takoyaki griddle, too! The flat one can be used for BBQ in the house or whatever you want. I have one in red, and I often use both flat griddle and Takoyaki griddle when I invite friends to my home. These griddles are for 2 people.

The picture on the right is a sandwich toaster. You can make a hot sandwich easily and put whatever you want in it. Hot sandwiches are popular in Japan, and my mom used to make them in the morning when I was a student.  What I like most about it is the crispy crust. The white bread would become different just by using this product.



BALMUDA is also a relatively new kitchen appliances brand, and the stylish appliances have attracted many people. The products from BALMUDA are not as reasonable as the products from Bruno introduced above, but many people found them worth purchasing because of their appearance and functions.

The picture on the left is a toaster. It looks very chic as not many words are written on the product, and the words are written in nondescript color. Since it doesn’t stand out in the kitchen, it would suit your stylish kitchen very well.

The picture on the right is an electric kettle. This is also chic and modest, but the thin spout would make a cup of coffee or tea more tasty.

BALMUDA’s convection microwave oven is also popular though it costs over $500. The notification sound is really elegant in addition to the modest appearance like the other products. I believe this is the most trending oven in Japan right now. Check them out if you are interested in.

White (25 sold!)
Beige (10 sold!)
Black (24 sold!)
<Electric kettle>



VERMICULAR is a kitchen product brand which was established in 1936 in Aichi prefecture in Japan. The brand has become popular in the past few years because of its advanced technologies and stylish design.

The left one is a rice pot. It is a bit heavy, but the heavy pot would make rice taste better. Rice used to be cooked with an earthenware pot because it is the best way to cook delicious rice, but it is not practical, and therefore most of the Japanese people use a rice cooker now.

VERMICULAR’s rice pot allows you to easily cook delicious rice that tastes like rice cooked with an earthenware pot. (All you have to do is press the button.) Also, the pot can be used for other dishes.

The right one is an enamel pot similar to the Le Creuset’s. The pots are partially handmade, and VERMICULAR’s original “Triple Thermal Heating” technology brings out the natural flavors out of the ingredients in food. 

Check out recipes by VERMICULAR found in this page if you are interested in the pot. (Please exploit translation services) The recipes broaden your range of cooking, and you will definitely enjoy cooking with this pot.

Official websites
Rice pot (Mushi-Kamado) (eng)
Oven pot (eng)

<Rice pot>
<Oven pot>
Pink (22cm)
White (22cm)


\\Beauty & Home Appliances//



YA-MAN is a beauty device maker of which facial massagers are beloved by beauty icons in Japan. Since YA-MAN has been focusing on and producing electric beauty devices for more than 40 years, you can rely on its technologies.

The picture on the left is a facial massage device named “Photo Plus”, and the series has several models. “Photo Plus” is the low-end (reasonable) model, and “Photo Plus Prestige SS” is the high-end model. The major differences are wavelengths of radio waves, types of LED, and price. If you are thinking about purchasing a device but cannot decide which one to get, I recommend you to give a high priority to the price.

The right one is a steamer for moisturizing skin and removing makeup. I was shocked when I saw this product for the first time as it is super cute and it’s functions are amazing. The LED light is an innovative function for household facial steamers. You might have heard of IPL Photofacial or Photofacial M22 as a menu of beauty clinics. This steamer has the similar effect to the medical devices though it has less power than the devices used at the clinics. But, the LED lights would help you get resilient and smooth skin.

Photo steamer’s video
Official websites
● Photo Plus
● Photo steamer

<Facial massage device>
Photo Plus (Black) (15 sold!)
Photo Plus Hyper (Black) (24 sold!)
Photo Plus Prestige SS (Black) (Hight-end model / 8 sold!)
<Photo steamer>
One color



I believe everyone knows Panasonic and it doesn’t require any explanation. But let me say this – Panasonic is one of the best manufacturers in the world. When I purchase home appliances, I always choose Panasonic’s. Products from Panasonic are trustworthy and not that expensive.

I have the hair dryer on the left, and I really like it. The moderately strong air dries my long hair quickly and nicely. The dryer is introduced in this page, too.

The right one is a household bread maker. You can easily make bread and enjoy the fresh bread out of the maker. Furthermore, you can make not only the white bread but also other types of bread such as bucket, bagel and focaccia. The recipe can be found on Panasonic’s official website though you have to use translation services if you are not familiar with Japanese. ⇨ https://panasonic.jp/cooking/recipe/bakery.html

<Hair dryr>
EH-NA9F-PN (Gold)
EH-CNA0E (Brown)
<Bakery maker>
White (8 sold!)
Black (11 sold!)



Nikon is a Japanese Camera manufacturer and very famous and popular among camera lovers around the world. Nikon has cameras not only for professionals but also for general users. The picture on the left is a waterproof camera which can be used on the beach and in the sea. This is less expensive than GoPro and recommended for those who are looking for a camera for leisure. In addition, you can connect the camera and your smart phone by an application released by Nikon “Snap bridge.”

The right one is a digital single-lense reflex camera “D5600”. D5600 is good at catching moving objects, so it is suited especially for those who often take photos of kids and animals. D5600 is less expensive than a similar specification product from Canon. Check out the description on ebay’s product page linked below for further details of this product.

<Waterproof camera>
You can choose a color
<DSLR camera>
D5600 24.2 MP (240 sold!!!)



SHARP’s air purifier is the top-selling purifier in Japan, and it’s been sold more than ever due to COVID-19. They are used not only in shops and restaurants but also in households.

Both of the products in the pictures have SHARP’s original “Plasmacluster” technology. To put it simply, “Plasmacluster” is a technology which cleans the air with ions. (“Plasmacluster” is well explained on SHARP’s official website in English: https://global.sharp/pci/en/about_pci/)

If you would like a compact type, the left one (FU-NC01-W) would be the best choice, and if you are looking for air purifier for the entire house or a big room, the right one (KI-NS70) would work well.

<Air purifier “FU-NC01-W”>
<Air purifier “KI-NS70”>


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