Facial Sheet Masks Popular in Japan (for daily use)

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Facial Sheet Masks Popular in Japan
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This page gathered popular facial sheet masks in Japan which are sold at reasonable price. The author is actually using these items and would like to introduce only the favorites.

1. Lululun Precious
2. Keana Nadeshiko Rice Series
3. Minon
4. Mandam Barrier Repair
5. Saborino
6. Carbonic Acid Facial Sheet Masks

<Explanation of the product links>
楽天で購入 means you can purchase the product on Rakuten Ichiba.
“送料無料” means free shipping.


1. Lululun Precious (ルルルン プレシャス)

Lululun Precious series contains plenty of beauty ingredients. Using a facial sheet mask everyday is quite controversial, but the Lululun precious seriese can be used 365 days.

Green: To maintenance skin / contains mineral, vitamin and rich collagen / for those who need extra care for their skin


White: Contains oil of passion fruits / regulates sebum production / makes your skin tight, firm and glowing / for those who want to make their skin clear


Pink: Moisturizes skin very well / regulates sebum production / makes skin tight, firm and glowing / for those who seek moisture retention


The package deal is the best to try all of them. (Free shipping!)


Lululun Precious series also has a facial cream, and it is highly valued!!
Rating at one of the most popular rating sites in Japan => @Cosme



2. Keana Nadeshiko Rice Series (毛穴撫子)

Keana Nadeshiko Rice series is very popular these days. The series is made from rice serum, and it has long been known that water after rinsing rice is very good for skin.  Keana Nadeshiko Rice series products are suitable for those who want to care pores.

Rice serum would moisturize your skin, make your skin firm and tight and smooth your skin. 

Sheet mask: The mask is not that thick but includes enough beauty ingredients in the lotion.


価格:674円(税込、送料別) (2021/3/27時点)




Face pack (need to be removed with water): I highly recommend this face pack because black pores will be gone after using this pack. I use this pack every 3 days 🙂





3. Minon (ミノン)

As Minon series is produced by a pharmaceutical company, it is quite reliable, and Minon series is very popular with those who have sensitive skin. Check this page (Japanese Popular Skincare Brands) for the further explanation of Minon. 

≪Moist≫ (4 sheets)
Moisturizes skin / makes skin clear / supports the skin barrier function / for sensitive skin / for dry skin


≪Clear skin≫ (4 sheets)
Moisturizes skin / Quasi-drugs / prevents spots and freckles / for sensitive skin / for dry skin


≪Anti-aging≫ (4 sheets)
For anti-aging / moisturizes skin / make skin resilient and plump / for dry skin



4. Mandam Barrier Repair (マンダム バリアリペア)

Mandam Barrier Repair series is one of the best facial sheet masks for me because the sheets are thick and plenty of lotion is included in the package. You can spread the lotion after fitting the sheet mask over your skin as abundant lotion is left in the package even after taking out the sheet mask.

Choose your favorite one according to the 5 types of beauty ingredients.

Pink: Hyaluronic acid


Yellow: Vitamin C


Blue: Ceramide


Orange: Collagen


Purple: Royal jelly



5. Saborino (サボリーノ)

Saborino series makes quick skincare possible by putting the sheet mask on face only for 60 seconds. (The normal facial sheet masks require 5~10 minutes.) Saborino is the best for the busy morning. Quick care, but moisturizes your skin very well.

Product advertisement video => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZAQSWBetoo

Yellow: Fruity-herbs flavor
(The most popular product among Saborino series)


BCLカンパニー サボりーノ 目ざまシート 単品 32枚
価格:1352円(税込、送料別) (2021/3/27時点)




Pink: Mix berry flavor


サボリーノ 目ざまシート 高保湿タイプ (28枚) ミックスベリーの香り
価格:1397円(税込、送料別) (2021/3/27時点)




A package deal of sheet masks for morning and night



6. Carbonic Acid Facial Sheet Masks

Carbonic Acid Facial Masks have become popular in Japan recently. There are some pricy sheet masks, but the following two items are quite reasonable. Both of them are rinse-off type masks and recommended to be used in the bath. Black pores will be gone after using the masks.

≪White bubble mask≫
Bubble will be made just by putting the mask on your face. Take off the mask after 5~10 minutes.

<Package deal (3 sheets)>


≪Cotton Labo≫
It is necessary to wet the mask before putting it on your face. Take off the mask after 5 minutes though the bubble only lasts for 2~3 minutes.

<Package deal (9 sheets in total)>


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