Best Japanese Skincare Products

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Hi there!

I’m so glad you are interested in Japanese skincare products. I would like to introduce my favorite skincare products. I have used all of these in deed and carefully selected only what I felt good or saw effects.

Hope you make the most of this page to find new items.

—-Table of contents—-

  2. IPSA “Barrier Serum”
  3. shu uemura “ultime8∞ sublime beauty cleansing oil”
  4. KANEBO “Fresh Day Cream”
  5. ASTALIFT “Jelly Aquarysta”
  6. ASTALIFT White “Bright Lotion”
  7. TAKAMI “Skin Peel”
  8. Keana Nadeshiko “Face Pack”
  9. Keana Nadeshiko “Baking Soda Scrub Wash”
  10. Suisei “Beauty Clear Powder Wash N”
  11. SOFIN Grace – Skin lotion & Emulsion
  12. NOV L&W “Brightening Essence”
  13. Carté “Moisture Cream” Madam “Barrier Repair” (Vitamin C)


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\\Available at department stores//



 Size & Price
  •  80ml – 7,700 yen
  • 160ml – 14,300 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  ALBION (eng)
 Search term  アルビオン フローラドリップ
 Rating  @cosme

This is my favorite skin lotion. It is not sticky but hydrates my skin very well. What I like most about this product is that it effectively works for every skin concern such as resilience, glowing, smoothness and transparency.

Check this page (best Japanese skin lotions) for the details of this product.


IPSA “Barrier Serum”

 Price  5,500 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  IPSA
 Search term  イプサ バリアセラム
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  50g

I’m using this serum after skin lotion especially in summer. This keeps moisture within the skin though the serum is not sticky. This item mainly has 3 effects: covering the skin to keep the moisture, conditioning the skin so that it can absorb the essence of the other skincare items, and protecting skin from dryness and other damages.

When you want something not oily to lock in the moisture for your skin, this would be the one.


shu uemura “ultime8∞ sublime beauty cleansing oil”

 Size & Price
  • 450ml – 12,650 yen
  • 150ml – 5,060 yen
  • 50ml – 1,760 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  shu uemura
 Search term  シュウ ウエムラ アルティム8∞ スブリム ビューティ クレンジング オイル
 Rating  @cosme
 shu uemura’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba  shu Uemura

When it comes to cleansing oil, many women would come up with this. This is super popular, and there are tons of repeat customers. 
Check this page for the details of this product.


KANEBO “Fresh Day Cream” (SPF15/PA+++)

 Price  6,600 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  KANEBO
 Search term  カネボウ フレッシュ デイ クリーム
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  40ml

I started using this face cream following my friend’s recommendation. I know product reviews of friends are most reliable. This is really useful especially in winter. I highly value this item as I can feel that my skin gets moisturized and glowing thanks to this cream.

Check this page for the details of this product.


\\Available at drugstores and shopping malls//


ASTALIFT “Jelly Aquarysta”

 Size & Price
  • 40g – 9,900 yen
  • 60g – 13,200 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  ASTALIFT
 Search term  アスタリフト ジェリー アクアリスタ
 Rating  @cosme
 ASTALIFT’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba  FUJIFILM

I love this jelly, and I’ve been using this for years. The reason why I can’t give up this product is that it feels so good when I spread this jelly on my face and that I know ceramide included in it would have a good effect on my skin.

Check this page for details of this product.


ASTALIFT White “Bright Lotion”

 Size & Price
  • 130ml – 4,180 yen
  • 130ml (Refill) – 3,740 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  ASTALIFT (eng)
 Search term  アスタリフト ブライトローション
 Rating  @cosme
 ASTALIFT’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba  ASTALIFT

I use this skin lotion in combination with the Jelly Aquarysta introduced right above. This lotion has a skin lightening effect and inhibits melanin production.

I rely on ASTALIFT’s skincare products very much because I know its technology is outstanding. 


TAKAMI “Skin Peel”

 Price  5,280 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  TAKAMI Skin Peel
 Search term  タカミ スキンピール
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  30ml
 TAKAMI’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba  TAKAMI

I use this item to make my skin smooth and to remove skin dullness. This serum is to be used after face washing, and it removes all the unnecessary things on skin such as dead skin cells. Though this is named “skin peel”, this serum doesn’t peel the skin. This product would normalize the skin turnover cycles to keep the skin healthy.

If you have trouble with skin dullness, you should try this one!


Keana Nadeshiko “Face Pack”

 Price  1,375 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  石澤研究所 毛穴撫子
 Search term  毛穴撫子 お米のパック
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  170g 

This face mask is introduced in this page (Facial Sheet Masks Popular in Japan (for daily use)). This is made out of Japanese rice, and the texture is like risotto. As described in this page (Japanese Skincare Brands for Dry Skin), the essence of rice is really good for skin. 

How to use this product is as follows:
– after cleansing, smooth a thick layer onto skin
– leave on for 5 minutes,
– and then rinse with water or warm water.
(I usually use this pack in the bath:))

I really like this item because my face will be so bright after using it.


Keana Nadeshiko “Baking Soda Scrub Wash”

 Price  1,320 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  石澤研究所 毛穴撫子
 Search term  毛穴撫子 重曹スクラブ洗顔
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  100g

This face wash is also from Keana Nadeshiko. This is made out of baking soda which is effective in removing dead skin cells and pore gunk. The skin will be quite clear after using this.

The reason why this is my favorite is that it is very easy to use. Though I use a foaming net when I wash my face, this face wash doesn’t require it. This is really useful when I’m too tired to wash my face.


Suisei “Beauty Clear Powder Wash N”

 Price  1,980 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Suisai
 Search term  スイサイ ビューティクリア パウダーウォッシュN
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  0.4g × 32 pieces

This is a face wash made out of enzymes which is also effective in removing dead skin cells and pore gunk. 

Check this page (Best Japanese face washes) for details of this product.


SOFIN Grace – Skin lotion & Emulsion

As written in this page (Japanese Popular Skincare Brands), SOFINA Grace is popular among ladies at mothers’ age. I use SOFINA Grace’s skincare items when I stay at my parents’ house. The skin lotion hydrates skin very well, and the emulsion plumps skin. 

<Skin lotion>

 Price  3,850 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  SOFINA
 Search term  ソフィーナグレイス 高保湿化粧水 美白
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  140ml


 Price  3,850 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  SOFINA
 Search term  ソフィーナグレイス 高保湿乳液 美白
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  60g


NOV L&W “Brightening Essence”

 Price  5,500 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  NOV
 Search term  ノブ L&W ブライトニングエッセンス
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  30g

I bought this serum because a sample worked on my skin very well. This can be used on sensitive skin and has a skin-whitening effect. Also, the beauty ingredients prevent spots and freckles and make skin bright. The texture of the cream is really nice (neither too thick nor too light), and I feel my skin gets moisturized. This is definitely my favorite item.


Carté “Moisture Cream”

 Price   2,530 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Carté
 Search term  カルテ モイスチュア クリーム
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  40g

If you are struggling with dryness, you should try this cream. This cream includes an ingredient which is used in a medical moisturizer. Check this page for details of this product.


Madam “Barrier Repair” (Vitamin C)

 Price  770 yen (tax included)
 Official  website  Mandam Barrier Repair (eng)
 Search term  マンダム バリアリペア 透明肌
 Rating  @cosme
 Size  5 sheets

As written in this page (Facial Sheet Masks Popular in Japan (for daily use)), this sheet mask is one of my favorite items. Since I want to brighten up my skin tone, I persist in using this product which includes plenty of vitamin C derivatives. Vitamin C derivatives are good at keeping skin hydrated, and it results in clear skin.

Also, one package includes 22ml of face serum, which is what I like most about this item. This is suited for daily use.


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