Japanese Skincare Brands for Combination Skin

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Japanese Skincare Brands for Combination SkinPhoto credit: Nature photo created by master1305 – www.freepik.com

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For Combination SKin

12. dprogram – balance care line (dプログラム – バランスケア)

13. SOFINA jenne (ソフィーナ ジェンヌ)
14. Orbis U (オルビスユー)
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\\For Combination Skin//


dprogram – balance care line (dプログラム – バランスケア)

dprogram is a skincare brand from SHISEIDO which can be used by people with sensitive skin, and its products are designed to protect and develop skin. The Balance Care line is especially for the those who have the following skin problems:

・The skin is oily though it is dry
・Pimples/acnes are prone to appear
・The skin has color spotting and redness around pores

Both the skin lotion and the emulsion is quasi-drug which is categorized between medication and cosmetics. The products prevent the skin from getting both dry and oily, tone the skin and help you get healthy and soft skin.

You can check if the products work well for your skin by a trial set.

● Price: ★★★☆☆
● Official website: SHISEIDO d program


SOFINA jenne (ソフィーナ ジェンヌ)

Sofina jenne is designed for combination skin. The products hydrate skin from inside, and they prevent the skin from getting dry and oily. Since Sofina jenne’s products don’t include oil, they are not sticky. They hydrate and moisturize skin by the plant-derived essence.

The most recommended product from the line is gel cream which is not sticky though it has enough power to moisturize skin. Also, there are skin lotion and emulsion with sunscreen effect.

Furthermore, SOFINA jenne has skin-whitening series in blue package. The series has skin lotion, gel cream and emulsion with sunscreen effect for now.

● Price: ★★★★☆
● Official website: SOFINA Jenne


Orbis U (オルビスユー)

ORBIS U is an anti-aging skincare line which is developed for adults. This line is focusing on maximizing ability of skin, not just adding something to skin so that the skin can control the condition by itself. The products are designed to deliver moisture all over the skin cells by ORBIS’s original technique. Since ORBIS’s products are affordable, these anti-aging skincare items are suited for daily use.

Check the trial set comes with face wash, lotion and moisturizer.

● Price: ★★★★★
● Official website: ORBIS

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