Japanese Skincare Brands for Acne/Oily Skin

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Japanese Skincare Brands for Acne/Oily Skin
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For Acne/Oily SKin
15. NOV AC Active line (ノブ ACアクティブ)

16. Curél – Sebum Care Series (キュレル 皮脂トラブルケアシリーズ)
16. ORBIS CLEAR line (オルビス クリア)
16. FANCL ACNE CARE Series (ファンケル アクネケア)

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NOV AC Active line (ノブ ACアクティブ)

NOV’s AC Active line is a skincare brand for acne skin and acne prone skin. NOV is a skincare brand from a pharmaceutical company and its products are dealt in dermatology clinic in Japan. (Check the following page for further explanation on NOV: Japanese Popular Skincare Brands)

AC Active line actively influences acne skin and helps you resolve various skin problems such as clogged pores, oily skin, spots, skin dullness due to dead skin cells at the same time. This line is for adults who are having trouble with acne. 

● Price: ★★★☆☆
● Official website: NOV

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★送料込★ノブ ACアクティブ トライアルセット<医薬部外品>
価格:2750円(税込、送料無料) (2021/3/23時点)





Curél – Sebum Care Series (yellow-green) (キュレル 皮脂トラブルケアシリーズ)

Curél has several skincare product lines, and the Sebum Care Series is aimed at improving sebum skin problems. (Check the following page for further explanation on Curél and other product lines: Japanese Popular Skincare Brands)

This series is for those who have dry sensitive skin which is oily while feels dry, and products from the line keep the skin moisturized and smooth and prevent the skin from getting excessively oily. Curél’s distinctive feature is that it focuses on Ceramide which keeps skin health and moisturized, and the items from this series are no exception. In other words, the skincare items resolve excessive sebum production while it helps you get well moisturized skin.

● Price: ★★★★☆
● Official website: KAO Curél

<Trial set>


ゆうパケット)【医薬部外品】キュレル 皮脂トラブルケア ミニセット
価格:931円(税込、送料無料) (2021/3/23時点)





ORBIS CLEAR line (オルビス クリア)

ORBIS’s Clear line is for those who are having troubles with recurring pimples. This line was born in 1990, and it’s been acknowledged for more than 30 years.

Since the products from this line are designed to improve skin problems such as sebum, oil, acnes, they are one of the best solutions for oily skin. The products support the skin barrier function while improving the causes of acne. In addition, as the price of the products is quite reasonable, you don’t have to hesitate to try it to see whether the products work well for your skin.

● Price: ★★★★★
● Official website: ORBIS

<Trial set from ORBIS’s official shop on Rakuten Ichiba>



FANCL ACNE CARE Series (ファンケル アクネケア)

FANCL is also known for its reasonable price setting and additive-free products. The Acne Care series is effective for the skin of which barrier function has been depressed and which is likely to cause dryness and inflammation. Also, the products are designed to enhance the function of skin itself and to prevent new acne as well as to get the existing acne better. The biggest concept of the series is to support and strengthen the skin barrier function.

● Price: ★★★★★
● Official website: FANCL

<Skin lotion from FANCL’s official shop on Rakuten Ichiba>


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