Best Japanese Mineral Cosmetics Brands

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Japanese Best Mineral Cosmetics Brands
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Hi there!

Mineral cosmetics are getting popular in Japan, too. I would like to introduce 5 Japanese mineral cosmetic brands, which are very popular and acknowledged as reliable brands.

I’m using some items from these brands, and what I like most about them is that no cleansing is required. Thanks to mineral cosmetics, stress on my skin by thick foundation and cleansing was considerably reduced. If you are struggling with skin problems, I would like you to try mineral cosmetics once.

Hope this page would be helpful for you to find your favorite mineral cosmetic brand.

—-Table of contents—-

  1.  ETVOS
  2.  MiMC
  3.  Only Minerals
  4.  Aqua Aqua
  5.  naturaglacé 


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1. ETVOS (エトヴォス)


ETVOSPhoto credit:

ETVOS is a relatively new cosmetics brand, but now most Japanese women know it. It often appears in magazines and becomes a hot topic on SNSs. The founder of this brand herself had troubles with adult acne, and that’s why the items are produced from the perspective of women who want to minimize stress on skin but, at the same time, want to enjoy makeup without compromise.

ETVOS’s cosmetic items can be removed by soap but have high-coverage. As for its skincare items, ingredients which strengthen the fundamental ability of skin such as ceramide and amino acid are amply included. Though ETVOS’s products are made from high-quality ingredients, they are not high-priced so that they can be continuously used.  

● Official website: ETVOS
● Official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba: Rakuten Ichiba

Matte Smooth Mineral Foundation

・SPF30 PA++
・3,300 yen – tax included

This mineral foundation makes skin clear, and it doesn’t make skin flaky. Though it can be removed by soap, it covers pores and small spots. I’m actually using it:)
*#35 is the shade for neutral skin tone

⬆︎ ETVOS’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)


Mineral Classy Shadow

・4,400 yen – tax included

This eyeshadow palette is highly rated on one of the biggest review sites in Japan, @cosme. It sticks firmly to skin and colors eyelids beautifully. It moisturizes skin and can be removed without cleansing.

⬆︎ ETVOS’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)


2. MiMC (エムアイエムシー)


Photo credit:

MiMC’s products are made from natural minerals and plant-based ingredients. They have a concept that they don’t use ingredients such as artificial colorant, synthetic perfume, synthetic antiseptic, synthetic surfactant, ultraviolet absorbing agent, tar-based pigment and talc. Also, only natural raw materials selected at its original strict and high standard are used. MiMC is recommended for those who are seeking cosmetics and skincare products which do not consist of materials that put stress on skin.

MiMC’s products are relatively high-priced, but they are very popular and repeatedly used. That’s because the quality of the products is very high and because there is no difference between MiMC’s mineral cosmetics, which are gentle to skin, and other ordinary cosmetics. 

● Official website: MiMC
● @Cosme’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (MiMC items): Rakuten Ichiba

Mineral Liquid Foundation

・SPF22 PA++
・7,150 yen – tax included

This is one of the top selling items from MiMC. This foundation makes skin glowing, and the gloss is created by natural beauty ingredients included in it. It has a reputation that pores are perfectly covered and that it keeps skin moisturized. This foundation was awarded by one of the biggest product review sites, @cosme in 2020.
*#102 is for neutral skin tone


Mineral Creamy Cheek (Blush)

・3,630 yen – tax included

MiMC’s “Mineral Creamy Cheek” is made from plant-based beauty oil and mineral powder, and needless to say, can be removed without cleansing. It beautifully, however, colors cheeks, and keeps cheeks moisturized by the oil. It is to be used with fingers, but it spreads easily on the skin. There are many people who use this item for lips as well.


3. Only Minerals (オンリーミネラル)


only mineralsPhoto credit:

As written in this page (Best Japanese BB Creams (Top7)), Only Minerals was born from a beauty appliance manufacturer “YA-MAN”. Only Minerals’ concept is to produce cosmetics which melt into skin, and shattering raw materials make it possible to get rid of stress on skin while wearing makeup and consequently strengthen bare skin.

There are big fans of Only Minerals because its sophisticated and high-quality products do not let us think that they are free from ingredients which impose a burden on skin and do not make us feel inconvenient. 

● Official website: Only Minerals
● Official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba: Rakuten Ichiba


・2,750 yen – tax included

This foundation has around 3,500 product reviews, which means this is used by lots of people. There are 18 shades available, and you can check all the shades on its official website.

⬆︎ Only Mineral’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)


Mineral Color Serum

2,750 yen- tax included

This is a top selling item from Only Minerals. As its name, this is a beauty serum for lips, which treats chapped lips. It’s called serum but can be used as a lip gloss, and it keeps lips moisturized and glowing. The shade “Terra-cotta” is quite popular in Japan.


4. AQUA AQUA (アクア アクア)


AQUA AQUAPhoto credit:

AQUA AQUA was born in 2014, and it is producing cosmetics which are made from fresh fruits’ essence, plant-based ingredients and mineral powder. Also, it is focusing on making skin fresh and juicy like fruits. It goes without saying that all the cosmetic items can be removed by soap, and cleansing is not required. 

The difference between the other mineral cosmetics brands is that AQUA AQUA makes the most of fruits, and thus how it incorporates colors in its cosmetics is amazing. My favorite item is the colored primers introduced below.

● Official website: AQUA AQUA
● @Cosme’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (AQUQ AQUA’s items): Rakuten Ichiba

Organic Cushion Compact (Foundation)

・SPF35 PA+++
・3,850 yen – tax included</span

I have this foundation and have refilled it many times, and I love it. What I like most about this foundation is that this is a liquid foundation just like the ordinary non-soap-removable foundation. It perfectly covers my pores and small spots, and I don’t have complaints about its quality at all. I’m sure this foundation will continue to be in my main cosmetic items.
*The color “Light beige” is beige brighter than the neutral color “Natural beige”.


Organic Cushion Compact Color Base

Aqua AquaPhoto credit:

3,650 yen – tax included

This is a primer, and there are 4 colors available. It is so adorable when compacts of each color get together:P Choose one according to your skin problem.

  • Pink: for lightening up skin tone
  • Green: for covering skin redness and skin dullness
  • Yellow: for covering color spotting
  • Glow (colorless): for making skin glowing



5. naturaglacé (ナチュラルグラッセ)


naturaglacéPhoto credit:

naturaglacé was born in 2008, and it is focusing on producing cosmetic items completely made from natural ingredients. It means all the ingredients are either organic, wildcrafted or grown without pesticide. Also, its cosmetic items are designed to enable skincare while wearing makeup. They are free from artificial synthetic ingredients such as surfactant, paraben and ultraviolet absorbing agent. Therefore, we can use it for long hours without being worried about stress on skin.

naturaglacé’s packages are very simple and cannot be said they are gorgeous, but its items appear often in magazines because they are high-quality products and relatively reasonable.

● Official website: naturaglace
● Official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba: Rakuten Ichiba

Makeup Cream N

・SPF44 PA+++
・3,080 yen – tax included

naturaglacé’s primer is acknowledged as one of the top selling cosmetic items. It can be used as a primer but is quite suitable when you wanna wear light makeup, such as only a primer and loose setting powder. It makes your bare skin look clear and beautiful.

⬆︎ naturaglace’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)


Skin Treatment Foundation

・SPF25 PA+++
・4,400 yen – tax included

This foundation spreads over skin very easily and gives transparency to the skin. Also, it melts into skin, and therefore pores are covered nicely.

What is special about this foundation is that this item protects skin from blue light which also has a bad influence on skin like ultraviolet rays. I would like to recommend this foundation to those who are working in front of a laptop all day long.
*The color natural ocher 2 is for neutral skin tone.

⬆︎ naturaglace’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba (Free shipping!)


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