Pros and cons of shopping using delivery agencies

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pros and cons
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You might be hesitating to shop on Japanese e-commerce websites using delivery agencies. Or, are you hesitating to use e-commerce sites in other countries?

No worries! It’s very easy, and you will get used to it soon.

To get rid of your anxiety, let me explain pros and cons of shopping on Japanese e-commerce websites using delivery agencies. Tips for the cons are given in this article, too.

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— Table of contents —
1. Feel very close to Japan

2. You can get whatever you want
3. No additional fee
4. Earn rewards
5. Extra shipping fees

6. Need to arrange delivery
7. Can be trusted?
8. Need to understand Japanese

\\Pros: Good points of shopping using delivery agencies//


You will feel very close to Japan

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You don’t have to travel to Japan to get what you want. Even though your favorite brands or shops don’t ship overseas, you can purchase products from your home by using a delivery agency.

Now that we cannot travel around the world easily due to COVID-19, online shopping is the only way to experience other countries’ culture or to get what you used to purchase when you were traveling to the country.


You can purchase whatever you want

shop Japanese products

Since e-commerce websites have anything, you can purchase whatever you want. Though some products are not allowed to be exported from Japan or to be imported into your country, general items such as cosmetics, skincare products, anime goods, daily necessities, and clothes can be shipped to destinations outside of Japan.

Check delivery agencies’ websites for further information on products not allowed to be exported.
(Rakuten Global Express’s website:


You can purchase Japanese products at the price set for people in Japan

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This is the best point of shopping using delivery agencies. Charges and profits of the stores are added to the price when you purchase Japanese products in your country, and therefore the price tends to be quite high. But you will be able to shop at normal prices for people who live in Japan if you use Japanese e-commerce sites.

I recommend you to compare the prices to see which way would be cheaper: purchasing at a local store in your country or purchasing on a Japanese e-commerce website through a delivery agency.


You can earn rewards on shipping fees

shop Japanese productsIf you use Rakuten Global Express (delivery agency) , you can earn 1 point for every 100 yen. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find other agencies that provide reward services.) For example, You will earn 40 points which can be used on your next purchase on Rakuten Ichiba when the forwarding fee including shipping fee is 4,000 yen.

FYI: You will earn at least 1% for every 100 yen spent on purchases on Rakuten Ichiba (e-commerce site). The reward rate on Rakuten Ichiba varies when it holds events. Check this page for further information on how to earn Rakuten points.


\\Cons: Concerns about shopping using delivery agencies//


You have to pay extra shipping fees

This is the worst point of using delivery agencies, but if the extra shipping fee is acceptable for you, options for shopping will be broadened. As the shipping fee depends on the weight of your packages, this way of shopping is suited for light products.

I often use delivery agencies and pay extra shipping fees when I shop on foreign countries’ websites, but I personally think it’s not a big deal. I’m just happy that I can get what I want without traveling.

Figure out the cheaper way of shopping


It’s a hassle to arrange delivery

shop Japanese products shipping

You have to let the delivery agencies know what will arrive at the agencies’ warehouse for every package when you use delivery agencies.

I know it’s a bit of a hassle..

But you can save the trouble of sharing the information by selecting Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Global Express. Once you create an account on Rakuten Ichiba and allow it to share your information among Rakuten services, your purchase information will be shared to Rakuten Global Express. Only when you shop on Rakuten Ichiba, you can skip this step on Rakuten Global Express.

Use Rakuten services


You might be worried whether the package will be delivered to your home properly

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I understand this concern as I was thinking the same when I started using delivery agencies. But you don’t have to worry about this problem as long as you use an agency which has a proven track record.

I recommend delivery agencies that have a number of customers, run the business for many years, and have gotten good customer reviews.

I have used Malltail several times, and I can assure you it provides great services including customer support, and Rakuten Global Express is one of the most trustworthy agencies.

Don’t get drawn in by low prices at dubious agencies, and choose the right agency:)

Use trustworthy agencies


You might not be familiar with Japanese

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I know Japanese is one of the most difficult languages in the world, so you might be concerned if you can properly place your order or if you are properly selecting what you want such as size and color. But today we have a very convenient service: translation service.

I guess most of the texts on the internet can be copied, so paste what you copied to a translation service such as google translate and Deepl.

Accuracy of the services has been improved day by day, so you can make the most of it.

Make the full use of translation services


\\ Give it a try! //

You might be reluctant to try Japanese e-commerce websites, but I would like you to try it at least once. As we cannot travel around the world like before, why don’t we enjoy online shopping?:)♡

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