Reviews – ADDICTION “The Eyeshadow (004SP Mariage)”

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ADDICTION The Eyeshadow (004SP Mariage)

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Product details

Positive reviews
Negative reviews


Product details

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Positive reviews


The shimmers stay on well


売ってるお店が少ないのでもっと多くなって欲しいなぁ。[…] 2018/4/3 14:51:02


This is my first ADDICTION item. I have yellow undertone (warm) skin.
I bought #004SP Mariage.
It’s so sparkly, and eyes get gorgeous just by adding it to other eyeshadows.
I like that it’s not too shiny and that the shimmer doesn’t scatter. Though I used it on a hot summer day, it remained sparkly even after getting home. I hope there are more stores dealing in ADDICTION’s eyeshadows as there are just a few.

– By 空飛ぶ黒猫 on @Cosme


Using it on a special day!

マットのアイシャドウの上にマリアージュを重ねるだけでいつもと違う楽しみ方が出来るのでテンションを上げたい日や特別な日に使っています! 2021/8/26 21:36:34


I bought the shade #004SP Mariage, which I wanted for a long time. I’m using this on a special day or a day I wanna put me in a good mood since I can enjoy different makeup just by adding this to a matte eyeshadow.

– By cosmos♪♪ on @cosme


I cannot stop using it!

今までの中で1番いいツヤ感とキラキラ具合で最高です。もう手放せない! 2021.10.2


This eyeshadow has a great color payoff, and it makes my eyes look bright with the mixed gloss and shimmers. It makes me look different just by applying it to eye bags.
The eyeshadow powder doesn’t scatter, and the color stays on eyes until night.
This is the best eyeshadow I’ve ever used, and I especially like how it glows and shimmers. I cannot stop using it!

– By ぬーちゃ on ADDICTION


I’ll definitely keep using this!

大人気のアディクションのアイシャドウ! カラー展開が豊富で発色が美しく、絶妙なグラデーションを作ることのできるシャドウです✨ マットからシルキーまで4つの異なる質感を採用しているので自分の好きなものをセレクトできます!! カラバリはなんと99色もあるんです…🥰 その中でも1番人気、一時完売で入手困難となった圧倒的人気を誇るカラーがこちらの#92マリアージュというもの。 まぶたの中心にいれると 立体的な目元になり 涙袋にいれると目がうるうるに🥺 わりと大粒のラメなので、 アイホールの中心につけても印象的な目元になりますよ💗 単色で使うもよし、手持ちのアイシャドウと重ねて使ってもよし◎ ラメ好きにはたまらないですし、保湿成分配合なのでしっとりした質感なんです!! […] これからも愛用します🥰 one month ago


The super popular eyeshadow from ADDICTION! ADDICTION offers a wide range of color options, the eyeshadows have a great color payoff and they create exquisite gradations. Also, ADDICTION’s eyeshadow series allows us to choose the most suited colors for us from the variations such as matte type and silky type eyeshadows. And furthermore, it offers 99 colors!!

The color #004SP Mariage is the most popular color among them, and it is often sold out at stores.
Applying it to the center of eyelids creates three dimensional eyes, and applying it to eye bags creates teary eyes.
The relatively big shimmers make impressive eyes by applying it to the whole eyelids. This can be used both by itself and with other eyeshadows.
Those who like shimmering eyeshadows would definitely like it. Besides, it doesn’t dry out eyelids as it includes moisturizing ingredients. […]

I really like it and I’ll keep using this.

– By ニコル<毎日投稿> on LIPS


Negative reviews *There are just a few negative reviews


The color doesn’t fit me.

しかしクオリティの高さには脱帽で粉飛びは全くなしです。 2021/5/20 18:03:0


I used to use the color “Half moon”, and I bought the color #004SP Mariage for the first time. The color doesn’t fit me. I’m not sure it’s because of my age, but I felt it drove dullness though the quality is perfect and the eyeshadow doesn’t scatter.

–  By ねずみみず on @cosme


It didn’t suit my skin tone.


・ラメ飛び […] 涙袋に使う方法をよく見かけますが飛んでしまってそのような使い方はとてもできない。

自分の肌色との相性もあると思います。[…] 2021/4/26 04:40:39


I don’t like this eyeshadow [*004SP Mariage]…

the reasons I don’t think it fits me are that:

  • The shimmers spread out and I couldn’t use it on my eye bags […]
  • The shimmers are too big and it looks like dust is on my eyelids.
  • It gets rid of transparency
  • It doesn’t make a glossy finish as written in product reviews

I guess it didn’t suit my skin tone.

– By ナミ0620 on @cosme


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