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Product details

Positive reviews
Negative reviews


Product details

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Positive reviews


It has great color payoff

今までマットリップをつけると、乾燥してパキパキになり、唇の皮が剥ける現象が起こってたのですが、このリップは、パキパキにならずに綺麗に発色してくれるので重宝してます!ティッシュオフするとマスクにもつかないので最高です! 2021.10.5


My lips usually get dry and chapped by matte lipsticks, but they didn’t with this lip liquid. The liquid moisturizes lips and has great color payoff, and this is really useful. Removing excess liquid by tissue prevents it from staining face masks. I really like it!

– By サト on ADDICTION


Suited for my yellow undertone (warm) skin

発色も良く、マット寄りですがほどよいツヤもあります。塗りやすい大きさのチップですし、マスクが必須なこのご時世には常に一本持ち歩いておきたいリップです。 2021.9.12


I bought the color “002 Copper Cherrywood”, and the color mixed with beige and coral was suited for my yellow undertone (warm) skin.
I used to think matte lipstick would dry out my lips, but this lip liquid doesn’t. Moisturizing lips before the liquid would be effective in preventing dryness.
Though some lipsticks have peeled my skin before, I could use this lip liquid without problem. It has great color payoff, and it’s slightly glossy regardless of the fact that it’s a matte lip liquid. I would love to carry around this item in this day and age where a face mask is required.



Zero gravity lipstick

[…] SNSで無重力リップと有名ですが、まさにその名の通り軽いです!!マットリップってひび割れするし、絵具をベタ塗りしたみたいな感じが苦手だったんですが、これはほんとに塗った事を忘れるくらい軽いです!
マットリップ苦手な方も試してみて欲しいです! 2020/9/21 15:09:27


[…] This item is famous on SNSs as a “zero gravity lipstick”, and that’s totally correct. I didn’t like matte lipsticks as it chaps my lips and the finish is like a painting, but this lip liquid is too light to remember I’m wearing it.
The liquid doesn’t transfer to face masks and glassware. […] I applied the liquid directly to my lips, but they didn’t get chapped. I bought the colors “002 Copper Cherrywood” and “010 Roman Sienna.”

“002 Copper Cherrywood” is a color like a dark rose. The color is deeper than the official website’s color sample, and I should be useful on any occasions.
“010 Roman Sienna” is orange-brown, and it creates fashionable makeup.
The texture is smooth enough to easily spread it on lips.
I would like to recommend this item even to those who don’t like matte-finish lipsticks.

– By haru17★ on @cosme


Useful in this life with a face mask

昨日発売のADDICTION ザ マット リップ リキッドの 09と10を購入しました👍 ものすごくマット!!!!!!! 塗るとすぐ乾く!!!!!!! 直塗りすると濃くなるので、個人的には 指でぽんぽんぼかしながら塗るのが 良かったです🥺💞 マスクにもつかないし、今のマスク生活に大活躍の予感です。 2020.08.01


I bought the colors “009 Peruvian Brown” and “010 Roman Sienna” released yesterday. The finish is exactly the matte-finish, and the liquid dries quickly upon applying to lips. I personally think applying it by fingers would make it better since the color would be more vivid or darker if I apply it with the brush. I believe this liquid that doesn’t transfer to face masks would be really useful in this life with a face mask.

– By ツナカン on LIPS


Negative reviews


Wrinkles on lips stand out..

色も可愛いのがあるので、リピートは検討中です。 2021/10/26 23:57:10


I don’t like that lipsticks transfer to face masks, so I have bought this lip liquid though matte-finish lipsticks were not my favorite.
This lips liquid never comes off and I’m really satisfied with it.
Wrinkles on my lips, however, become noticeable as time passes, and lips get messy and dry.
There are cute colors, but I’m not sure if I would try this item again or not.

–  By 水玉のワンピース on @cosme


The liquid overflows

カラーは02番。1番使いやすいお色です ホントにマスクに付かず軽い食事ならお色キープできてるのでとても気に入ってますが唯一開け閉めするうちに容器から中身が漏れることだけが残念です。拭けば問題ないし使用感が気に入ってるのでリピしました。 2021/10/3 07:57:59


I bought the color “002 Copper Cherrywood”, the most useful color. I’m pleased with this item as the liquid never transfers to masks and the color doesn’t come off by light meals. But there is one thing I don’t like, and it’s that the liquid overflows when opening the case. It doesn’t matter as I can wipe it, so I bought the same one again.

– By さかぴーー on @cosme


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