Reviews – CANMAKE “Glow Fleur Cheeks”

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Product reviews - CANMAKE “Glow Fleur Cheeks”
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Positive reviews
Negative reviews

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Product details

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Positive reviews


I’m fond of it!
春夏は特に!合うと思いまーす☆ 2020/6/1 22:46:21


I have several blushes from this series, but I bought the palette #12 Cinnamon Latte Fleur. I held off on buying this as I have many blushes, but now I’m glad I bought it. The color stays on well. Some colors in the palette can be used as a highlighter, and I’m even thankful for its price considering the quality. Since the palette #12 naturally adds glow and improves complexion, this would be useful especially in the spring and summer.

– By Rキティ on @Cosme


Best suited for trying new and seasonal colors.
発色がよく秋冬にぴったりの色合いでとても気に入りました。プチプラなので新作や普段とは違う色でも購入しやすいのも嬉しいです。2021/11/8 09:33:18


I like that this blush has a great color payoff and the color is best suited for autumn and winter. Thanks to the affordable price, I can try new colors and seasonal colors without hesitation.

– By りーりーりーーー on @cosme


I jumped on this lovely blush.
❁⃘*.゚CANMAKE ❁⃘*.゚ ~Glow Fleur Cheeks~ \12 シナモンラテフルール/ あまりの可愛らしさに飛び付いたよね♡ 見た目が可愛い! 色が可愛い! 質感が可愛い!!! 全部可愛い( ⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷ωᵒ̴̶̷⸝⸝⸝)💗 全色絶妙過ぎる色味です。 肌に馴染む馴染む。 色んな色が丁度良くくすんでて、上質なハイライト乗せたみたいなツヤ感✨ チークとしても勿論、アイシャドウとしてもガンガン使ってます。 真ん中の色大好きですー♡(´。•ㅅ•。`) ニュアンス出る出る。 大人が使っても全く浮かない、肌に良く馴染み上品なツヤをさり気なく出してくれる優秀なチークだと思います。 これ考えた人天才✨👏🏻🎉✨ 2020.01.21


I bought the palette #12 Cinnamon Latte Fleur. I jumped on the lovely blush. The appearance, color and the feel of the powder are super cute! Everything about it is adorable. All the colors in the palette are also charming, and the colors fit my skin very well. The subdued colors are exquisite, and it glows like I wear highlighter of high quality. I use it as an eyeshadow as well as a blush. I like the neutral colour in the middle. As it fits skin well and naturally adds glow, it can be used by mature ladies. I admire the person who developed this amazing blush.

– By なんこつ on LIPS


It can be used on any occasion.
キャンメイクのチーク初めて使いました。 付属のブラシを使うとかなり薄付きになるので、少しずつ色を足して行く使い方をしています。 粉落ちせず、乾燥もしないし、朝つければ夜まで持つのでコスパ良し。 パールが細かくギラギラした印象にならないので色んなシチュエーションで使え、ナチュラルなツヤ感◎ 単色じゃないのでその日の気分で色を変えたり、混ぜたりメイクが楽しくなるアイテムの1つだなと思いました♪ 他のバリエーションも使ってみたくなりました✨ […] 2019.12.30


This is my first time using CANMAKE’s blush. As it slightly colors cheeks when I apply it with the brush that comes with the blush, I add the color little by little. The powder doesn’t come off easily, and it doesn’t dry my skin. Also, the color lasts until night when I apply it in the morning, and I think it’s good value for money. The pearls are very fine, and thus it doesn’t make me look flashy. It can be used on any occasion, and I like the natural glow. The palette includes several colors, I can create a color according to my mood of the day. I can enjoy makeup thanks to the palette, and I would like to try other palettes.

– By アッ on LIPS


Negative reviews


It might be for young ladies..
ラメ感が可愛く、どちらかというと若い子向けな印象です。2021/11/16 14:28:36


I bought this blush as it’s highly rated. The attached brush is too small to apply the blush widely, so I recommend that you apply it with a bigger brush. Also, it has a great color payoff, be careful of applying too much. The shimmers are cute, but I guess this is for young ladies.

– By にゃーさん:p on @cosme


Pigmentation is not enough..
 […] 【キャンメイク グロウフルールチークスe 11】 人気なのでタッチアップもしないで買ったのが原因でしたʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ なんか薄い! 良く言えば品よくつくのでしょうが、それでもかなり塗らなきゃ チークとしての色がでません。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。 顔色が悪い私にはちょっと合いませんでした。 グロウカラーもハイライト好きの私としては物足りない… 他のチークと重ねて使うしかないのかな? 全体的に薄化粧の人やかわいい系のメイクの方 もともと血色がいい方には似合うと思います♡ しかし、面長で斜めにチークを入れる私には合わなかったので 低めの評価をつけさせていただきました😂 2019.09.06


[…] I bought the palette #11 Chai Fleur. I bought it without trying as it was highly rated. I should have checked the color before buying, but it is too pale. It looks elegant if I take it positively, but pigmentation is not enough. I don’t have a good complexion, so it isn’t for me. It’s lacking something as I like glowing colors and highlighter. I guess I should use it with another blush. This would be suited for those who have a good complexion and those who like light or lovely makeup. But I give it a low rating since it didn’t fit me.

– By ふわ on LIPS



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