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Best Japanese Lipsticks (Top7)
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Positive reviews
Negative reviews


Product details

Please see this page for product details: Best Japanese Lipsticks (Top7)

Positive reviews


My lips don’t get chapped.



My lips get rough easily due to living with face masks, and it’s been hard to find a lipstick best suited for me, but this is the only one I can wear without them getting rough!
I’d like to try other colors as they have great color payoff and come in pretty colors with just one coat!

– By yumegenne on CELVOKE


Stylish colors




色んなブランドのリップを、試しましたがどれも唇の皮が剥けたり、香りがキツかったり、、なかなか合うものが見つかりませんでしたが、こちらのリップはとても合っているので、他のカラーも揃えたいと思います!2020/11/25 16:37:44


I’m using the colors “09 Terracotta” and “10 Brick”, and both of the colors are so stylish!
I have yellow undertone (warm) skin, and it fits with my skin and gives me a modern look at once, so I find it very useful.
The texture is matte, but it has just the right amount of gloss. Also, they don’t dry out my lips and rather moisturizes them.
They have a great color payoff and have no scent.
I’ve tried many lipsticks from other brands, but they all made my lips peel or had too strong scent, and I couldn’t find one that fit my lips. As I’m so pleased with these lipsticks, I would like to collect other colors.

– By **maaro** on @cosme


This is my favorite lipstick!


購入して良かったです\(^o^)/無くなったらまた購入したいと思いました! 2021/8/19 22:01:33


This is an awesome lipstick that lets me have a good complexion.
I like it a lot so I bought it!
The color is really pretty!
It’s easy to apply, the color payoff is great, it’s pretty to apply solidly, and it’s also very pretty to shade off the color!
I use this lipstick when I go out.
I’m so glad I bought this item, and I’ll be buying another one when it runs out!

– By かさあや on @cosme


It plumps lips.

[…] 🌼使用感
体温でじわぁっと溶けて 時間がたつとピタッと密着。
成分にはヒマワリ種子油が入っており 皮膚を柔軟にしてくれるので 唇がふっくら仕上がります👄

本当に絶妙な色付きで 使いやすい!✨ ベタッとつかないのが良い!!

まさに艶以上マット未満。 マットリップのぱさぱさ感が気になる方には ちょうど良い使用感だと思います👍🏼 […]

🌼短所は塗り直しが多く必要かなっと 感じました💡 私は長時間密着型のリップは 唇が荒れるタイプなので このぐらいがちょうど良かったです♫ 2019.01.11


🌼How I feel by using it
It melts quickly with body heat and sticks to my lips after a while.
The lipstick includes sunflower seed oil, which helps to soften the skin and plumps up the lips.

🌼Color payoff
The color is really exquisite and easy to use! It doesn’t get sticky at all.

The texture is not too glossy and not too matte. This lipstick would be suited for those who don’t like the dryness of matte lipstick.

🌼As a whole
The disadvantage is that I need to apply it again after a while. This is, however, the best lipstick for me since my lips easily get rough if I use a lipstick which lasts well.

– By ぷくみぃ on LIPS


Negative reviews


It doesn’t spread smoothly as much as glossy lipsticks.

09 33 購入
celvokeのカラー展開は旬なおしゃれ顔にしてくれますよね。 2021/9/20 13:35:12


I bought the colors “09 Terracotta” and “33 Navel orange.”
They have high color payoff, and you can enjoy the colors as exactly you see them. You might feel they don’t move on your lips smoothly if you are used to glossy lipsticks. Celvoke’s lipstick colors make modern and stylish makeup.

–  By **てる** on @cosme


It’s pricey..

色はおしゃれで気になるものがたくさんありましたが価格も考えるとリピートはありません。 2021/3/23 19:45:11


I’m using the color “10 Brick.” When applying the lipstick directly […], the color came out clearly and strongly, but the color beame just right when I shaded off the color with my fingers and adjusted it.
It’s a cool color for fall and winter and makes a good point for makeup.
The color payoff is great, but it comes off messy and doesn’t last long, so I only use it when going out for just a short time. After a little while, the color remains only on wrinkles or on some areas.
Though there are many fashionable colors I would like to try, I don’t think I would try them considering the price.

– By さがみっこ on @cosme


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09 Terracotta
楽天市場(Rakuten Ichiba)
04 Pink brown

09 Terracotta
17 Sheer pink
23 Sheer sand
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