Reviews – Clé de Peau Beauté “Poudre Libre Transparente n”

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Product reviews - Clé de Peau Beauté “Poudre Libre Transparente n”
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Product details

Positive reviews
Negative reviews


Product details

Please see this page for product details: Best Japanese Loose Setting Powders (Top7)

Positive reviews


Puff and brush is very soft.

[…] 私は01 ライトにしました。 ラベンダーっぽいカラーで、こちらも トーンアップしてくれます🥺 トーンアップ最高🥺🥺🥺 でね、パフも気持ちいいけど最高にいいのが ブラシ! […] 肌あたり最高でずっと撫でていたい🥰🥰 ブラシでつけると、お粉が均一につくので よりマスクにつきにくくなります♪ […] 3 weeks ago


[…] I bought the “Light” color. The color is similar to lavender color, and this powder brightens up my skin tone. I really like this brightening effect. In addition, the puff and the powder brush feels so good! […]  I wanna keep touching the soft brush. The powder spreads over the face evenly by using the brush, and it doesn’t stick to the face mask. […]

– By ★AMITY★ on LIPS


I’m gonna use this everyday.

乾燥して見えない肌作りに奔走し商品を探求中のアラフィフ[…]絶対条件はシワが目立たない 乾燥して見えない 毛穴落ちしないこと[…]久々にクレドポーボーテ のパウダー使ってみた。パフめちゃ良いじゃないかー!粉が飛び交うがよしとして毛穴落ちなし、化粧崩れヨレなし。マスクでヨレないのは大事!
乾燥しないしシワにはいらない![…]こちらは普段使いに出番多め 2021/10/17 10:58:45


I’m almost 50 years old, and I’ve been looking for cosmetics that don’t make my skin look dry. […] The requirements I insist are that they don’t make wrinkles, pores and dryness stand out. […] It’s been a while since I used Clé de Peau Beauté’s product last time. The puff is amazingly good! Pores don’t stand out, and my makeup doesn’t get smudged even by face masks. This is a quite important point. […] I’m gonna use this everyday.

– By **RED** on @cosme


Using with Clé de Peau Beauté’s foundation

クレドポーの下地とファンデと一緒に使ってます。つけるとさらっさらになります。粉のおかげかわかりませんが、崩れにくいです。他の下地やファンデと使ってみて、何か差があるのか、まだやってないのでやってみようと思います。高級感があって、使うだけでテンション上がります。粉もすごく細かくて溶けます。2021/10/13 22:10:21


I’m using this powder with a foundation from Clé de Peau Beauté. My skin gets silky with this powder. I’m not sure if that’s because of this powder, but makeup doesn’t come off. I’ll try this powder with other foundations and primers. Since the powder looks very luxurious, I feel happy just by using this. The fine powder melts, too.

– By みかっちこ on @cosme


The color “Light”

コロナ明けたら旅行に持っていきたいです 2021/8/27 03:38:32


I bought the “Light” color.
This is essential for autumn and winter.
I’ve been attracted to this powder series since I started using the previous version.
The powder is moist and doesn’t fall off, and I’m fascinated with the finely-milled powder.
I feel this renewed product fits well with my skin more than the previous one.
Also, the powder makes my skin glow, and I’m not sure but that’s because of the increased shimmer powder.
Nice scent makes me happy.
The powder case is more elegant than before.
I’m glad that I can carry around the powder because the case has higher sealability than the previous one.
I wanna take this powder with me when traveling once COVID-19 is settled.

– By 薬味三昧 on @cosme


Negative reviews *Just a few negative reviews were found


I don’t like the scent.

粒子の細かいパウダーです。リニューアル後に買いました。乾燥はしません。香りが苦手です。スノービューティーの香りに似ています。香りを控えめにして頂きたいです。2021/10/19 15:11:57


The powder is finely milled. I bought the renewed version. My skin didn’t get dry from the powder. I don’t like the scent. It smells like Snow Beauty [*another product]. I would like to ask them to moderate the scent.

–  By 首も顔 on @cosme


It didn’t fit with my skin.

[…]塗りたては感動!きれーいな仕上がり!数分後、乾燥してゴワゴワ、ラメは感じませんがツヤタイプなので、私の場合毛穴に沿ってしまいボソボソした仕上がりに…透明感というか白ピンク顔、赤ら顔だからかな?香りは相変わらずほんのりで凄く良いです。レフィルだけの購入にしてよかった…[…] 2021/9/30 16:07:48


[…] I was impressed with the beautiful finish right after putting this powder. After a few minutes, the powder dried out my skin, and I felt it stiff. I didn’t see the shimmer powders, but it is a glowing powder, and the powder settled in my pores and it resulted in flaky skin. The shade is whitish pink on my skin, and I guess that’s because I have a ruddy complexion. It has a light scent, which smells good like the previous version. Luckily, I bought only the refill. […]

– By かんぱち0330 on @cosme


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