Reviews – DECORTÉ “LACOUTURE Covering Base BB”

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Reviews - DECORTÉ “LACOUTURE Covering Base BB”
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Product details

Positive reviews
Negative reviews


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Product details


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Positive reviews


It’s good for traveling, too.
新しくなってからは、保湿と伸びが良くなりました。[…] 香りはあまりしません。
ラクチュールファンデとの併用でふんわりとした肌が完成されますが、他社のファンデとも相性が良いです。またそこそこカバー力があるので外出しない時や近くに買い物時もこちらを付ければ大丈夫です。SPF42/PA+++ 窓から侵入してくる紫外線も安心です。
製品がコンパクトなので旅行用に、、、、かさばる事がないので重宝します。 2017/5/24 22:13:20


I bought this BB cream when it was both released and renewed. The renewed one has greater moisturizing power and spreads more easily. […] It doesn’t have much scent. It creates a soft finish when I use DECORTÉ’s foundation “Lacouture Loose Foundation”, but it works well with other foundations, too.

As it has a certain degree of coverage, I wear only this BB cream when I’m at home and when I go out somewhere near my house. I don’t have to worry about UV rays since it has a sunscreen effect (SPF42/PA++). Tip on creating a natural finish is to apply a small portion of the BB cream and then tap it with makeup puff which is especially for liquid foundations. It’s useful and the size is just right for traveling.

– By choco6043 on @Cosme


This is my essential item!
時間がないときでもこれさえ塗っておけばという信頼のあるアイテムで欠かせません! 2021/8/31 20:08:38


I have used up more than 4 of this product, and this is my 5th one.
It requires just a little amount to naturally cover skin, and I often wear only this BB cream. Even when I don’t have enough time to put on full makeup, this item is quite useful and reliable. It’s an essential item for my makeup routine.

– By ariariary on @cosme


I have been using it for more than 7 years!
COSME DECORTE のラクチュールカバリングベースBB💖 ✧これ1本でいい ✧伸びが良い ✧乾燥しにくい ✧カバー力がある ✧崩れにくい ✧コスパ良い 1本3500円で、365日メイクする私でも半年ぐらい持つ😌💓 うす塗りで休日のナチュラルファンデにも、多めに塗ってお仕事のバッチリファンデにも、両方に使えるの👼💕 夏場に汗で崩れちゃっても、崩れた部分をティッシュで押さえて、このBBを指に少量乗せてトントンすれば綺麗に治るの✨🤩✨ 気が付けば7年も使ってる🐰💕💭 2018.12.15


I need only this BB cream for my base makeup
It spreads easily.
It has coverage
It doesn’t come off easily.
The price (3,500 yen) is quite reasonable as it lasts for half a year though I wear makeup everyday.
It can be used for both natural makeup with a thin layer on weekends and full makeup with a bit thick layer for work. Even if it comes off on the hot summer day due to sweat, it would be perfect once you remove excess oil on skin, apply it thinly, and tap it. I have been using it for more than 7 years without knowing it.

– By lisa.minemura on LIPS


It’s suited even for sensitive skin.
基本的に敏感肌で 酷い時はファンデーションで肌が空気を吸えずに、荒れる事もあるのですが 色むらはカバーしたい!! と肌に優しく、自分に合うBBを見つけました〜🤗 付け心地はサラッとしていて かつ伸びがいいです! きちんと保湿している上に乗せれば 変な崩れ方もしません! […] 普段は 舞妓はんのCCとこのBBにルーセントパウダーで仕上げてます! 私は元の肌が割と白めなので 01番を使ってますが標準の人は02番をオススメします🤗 タッチアップしてみて 1日の経過を見ることをお勧めします🙋🏻‍♀️ 2017.12.14


I have sensitive skin, and in the worst case my skin gets rough because the skin cannot breathe. But I finally found the best item for my skin which is gentle on skin and covers my uneven skin tone. It feels silky once I apply it to my skin and it spreads easily. In addition, it moisturizes my skin and it doesn’t come off easily. […]

I usually finish my makeup with a CC cream, this BB cream and a loose setting powder. Since I have relatively fair skin, I picked the shade #01, but I would like to recommend the shade #02 for standard skin. I recommend that you try it and spend a day to see how it fits your skin.

– By mino on LIPS


Negative reviews


The coverage is not enough for me..
下地としてはとても使いやすいです 2021/3/22 00:48:20


I bought this with the expectation that the makeup would finish with the BB cream. But it doesn’t have enough coverage, and therefore I’m using it with a primer. As it spreads easily, just a little amount is enough to apply it to the entire face. This is a good item as a primer.

– By sweetcandi on @cosme


It comes off easily.
[*Shade: 01] うす付きのファンデを探していたので購入。
肌との相性が良くないだけだと思いますが、気に入っていたので残念です。 2020/3/27 19:11:28


[*Shade: 01] Having been looking for a lightweight foundation, I bought it. As it’s BB cream, I can apply it without a primer and it saves my time. Furthermore, the finish is quite beautiful. It doesn’t dry my skin, and I like its scent. Just one thing, it comes off as time passes.. I guess that’s just because it doesn’t fit my skin, but it’s a pity as it was my favorite.

– By ★みゅー丸88 on @cosme


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