Reviews – KANEBO “Smooth Feathery Powder”

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KANEBO “Smooth Feathery Powder”
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Product details

Positive reviews
Negative reviews


Product details

Please see this page for product details: Best Japanese Loose Setting Powders (Top7)

Positive reviews


Translucent powder

トランスルーセントのルースパウダーを探していたとき、新発売のものだったので購入しました。[…] 本当にトランスルーセントで、下のファンデーションの色に影響しないことが気に入りました。
でも中身自体はとてもいいものですので、おすすめです。 2020/10/29 17:24:14


I bought this newly-released powder since I was looking for a translucent loose setting powder. The powder is truly translucent, and I liked that the foundation and the powder didn’t conflict.
I’m using this powder everyday, and I found the following good points in addition to that the powder doesn’t change the color of foundation:

  • The powder is light and fluffy
  • Putting a plenty of powder makes matte finish
  • Putting a less powder makes glowing skin

You might not be satisfied with its coverage, but it’s fine with me as it’s not essential for me.
The powder hides pores gently. I don’t like the powder case if I have to pick a bad point. The powder is, however, very satisfying, and I would like to recommend this product.

– By 東京しずく on @Cosme


The powder hides pores

早速使用しましたがやはりいい感じです。BAさんに、肌にのせたら軽く鼻のほうに向かって抑えるようにすると毛穴が綺麗に消えますよと教えていただきそのように使ってます。目立たなくなるので嬉しいです。 2021/1/1 22:14:35


I couldn’t forget the feeling when a beauty consultant put fusion fit [*a foundation from Kanebo] and this powder, and I went to the shop as soon as the powder I was previously using ran out.

I started using the powder immediately, and I’m really satisfied with it. I push skin toward my nose softly after putting the powder following the consultant’s advice to hide pores nicely. I’m happy that pores actually become less noticeable.

– By macoma20 on @cosme


A hidden masterpiece

[…] 厚塗り感は出ないのにカバー力はかなり高いパウダーだと思います。


隠れた名品だと思います 2021/1/27 14:10:05


[…] This is a lightweight-powder but has high coverage.
It is slightly colored in beige rather than translucent, and this powder creates a matte finish.
This powder is my (25-years-old) and my mother(54-years-old)’s favorite. I’d say my mother is more pleased than me.
The amount of the powder is more than enough, and it doesn’t run out soon. I believe this is a hidden masterpiece.

– By たこちゃん(25) on @cosme


The puff is very fluffy.

新生KANEBOのベースメイクシリーズ 色は付かないトランスルーセントタイプ。 なのでカバー力はありませんが、サラサラにしてくれてファンデがマスクに付きにくくしてくれます🙌 塗った感がなくて、すごく自然。 粉質が本当〜に細かい。 これは…良い。 特筆すべきは、パフが厚手でふっわふわ! […] 詰め替えタイプなので、エコ💡 自分で詰め替えるの初めてだったんだけど上手くできて良かった笑 2020.09.07


This is a translucent powder newly released by Kanebo. Coverage is not that high, but it makes skin silky and prevents foundation from sticking to the face mask. It looks very natural since I don’t see the powder was applied to my skin. The powder is finely milled, and I really like it. The point worthy of special mention is that the puff is very thick and fluffy. […] Refills are also on sale, and it’s good for the environment. I refilled the powder by myself for the first time without any problems.

– By ひいらぎ on LIPS


Negative reviews


Semi-matte finish

セミマットな感じです。もう少し艶感が欲しかったかな… 2021/2/24 00:43:14


The finish is semi-matte. I wanted something that would make my skin glow a bit more.

–  By 花05 on @cosme


My nose got oily quickly..

下地とファンデーションを買ったので試しに買ってみました。かなり粒子が細かいのと粉っぽい仕上がりにならないのとパール入りなのでマットにならないのと乾燥しません。鼻はテカるの早めです。4000円にしては優秀だと思います。 2020/9/5 17:38:09


I bought this powder to try it with a primer and a foundation previously bought. The fine powder doesn’t make my skin flaky and doesn’t dry my skin, and the finish is not matte because of pearls included in it. Though my nose got oily quickly, this is a good product for 4,000 yen.

– By アヒン子ちゃん on @cosme


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