Reviews – KATE “Designing Brown Eyes”

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KATE “Designing Brown Eyes”
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Product details

Positive reviews
Negative reviews


Product details

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Positive reviews


I’ll definitely purchase this item again!


これもアタリでしたリピートします 2021/10/18 13:06:08


I like KATE’s eyeshadows, and I’m making repeat purchases. Any eyeshadows would be useful whatever you get.
The one I bought has a great color payoff, and it didn’t easily fall off. There is no useless color in the palette, and the brown colors are easy to use. KATE’s eyeshadows fit in skin well, and the attached eyeshadow applicator is also easy to use. Furthermore, I can easily make a gradation with this eyeshadow. I’m sure I’ll purchase this item again.

– By はぁぁた on @Cosme






うすーく付けるととても自然で顔が立体的になるのでかなり気に入ってます!! 2021/9/21 23:04:09


I really like this item and I’ve been using this for years.
This item can be used for contouring and used as eyeshadow and eyebrow powder, and it’s a great item. This is perfect for making a shadow, too, though I put it too much for contouring sometimes..
I really like applying it thinly to naturally make a three-dimensional face.

– By いちごみるく17 on @cosme


I wanna use this everyday.

[…] BR-6 ピンクブラウン
最近、使いやすいナチュラルなブラウンが 好きで、こちら購入したよー❤ めちゃくちゃ可愛い♡♡ ブラウンはあまり得意じゃないけど、 ナチュラルな発色にも、濃いめにもできて、 まさにデザイニング٩( ‘ω’ )و 笑 粉質やわらかく、ふわりとしていて 粉飛びや、ラメ飛びも、気にならない💕 ラメもギラギラじゃなく、とても上品で綺麗😍 […] プチプラで毎日使いしたくなるパレットは あんまり出会わないから、 これは可愛いわ🥰 ピンクブラウン好きさんには、めちゃくちゃ オススメ❤ 気になった方は、ドラストへ─=≡Σ((( っ゜∀゜)っ. 2020.11.27


I bought the color “BR-6 Pink Brown.” I like useful brown eyeshadows these days, and I bought this palette. It’s so cute! I’m not used to using brown eyeshadows, but I like that it is adjustable for both deep brown and natural brown as it is called “Designing.”
The powder is very soft, but shimmers and powder do not scatter. The shimmers are not flashy but elegant and beautiful. […] I seldom find a drugstore cosmetic which I think I wanna use everyday, but I’m fond of this. I recommend this item for people who like pink brown. Go to a drugstore if you are interested!

– By yukiko🤴【ゆき姉】 on LIPS


This one would fit anyone.

[…] ケイト ▹▸ デザイニングブラウンアイズ BR-1 ✿ […]

・じんわりと温かみがある︎︎ ☁︎︎*.
・細かいラメで つややかになれる…
・粉が細かいので するする塗れる︎💕︎
・「明るい影」が目元をふんわり  華やかに彩ってくれる♡
・グラデーションが作りやすい(ง ˙-˙ )ง  左から塗ればできあがり*° ✿

・お仕事や学校があるので 控えめに仕上げたい
・ブラウン系がすき […]

全部で8色も種類があるので、 自分好みの色・似合う色を見つけられます😳 今回のパレットはBR-1のウォームブラウン。 温かみのあるカラーで日常使いに適しているな、 という印象! どなたでも使いやすいと思います♡ […] 2021.02.16


I bought the color “BR-1 Warm brown.”


  • It has a great color payoff
  • It gives a warm impression
  • The powder is very soft and adheres to skin firmly
  • The fine shimmers in it are glossy
  • The soft powder easily spreads on eyelids
  • Bright shadows make eyes look gorgeous
  • It’s easy to make a gradation (just applying the powders from the left one)

Recommended for those who

  • wanna make impressive eyes with bright eyeshadows
  • like finely-milled shimmers
  • need to put modest makeup on for work or school
  • like brown eyeshadows

You will definitely be able to find your favorite color as KATE offers 8 palettes in this series. I picked the color “BR-1 Warm brown” among them, and the warm colors are very suited for everyday use. I believe this one would fit anyone, too.

– By 🍫しし🍌 on LIPS


Negative reviews


The powder scatters.

ただ粉飛びがしやすく気になりました。 2021/10/22 08:05:27


I’ve been using KATE’s eyeshadows repeatedly. All the colors in pallets are easy to use, and they have a great color payoff. In addition, they are suited for everyday use because of the affordable price. You can choose a color which you don’t usually choose since KATE offers eyeshadows in a wide variety of colors and they are reasonable. But one thing, I didn’t like that the powder scatters.

–  By mi_i★ on @cosme


The attached applicator is not tough.

どれも使いやすい色でした♪ グラデーションは難しいからなんとなく適当に塗るだけでも様になりましたよ!チップが割と早い段階でボロボロになったのでチップの耐久度もっとあればいいですね。 2021/9/20 07:40:15


I bought this palette [“BR-8 Glitter brown”] as I like brown eyeshadows. All of the colors are easy to use though I don’t make a gradation. I wish the eyeshadow applicator were more durable as it got worn-out soon.

– By りりりのり☆ on @cosme


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