Reviews – Koh Gen Do “Maifanshi​ ​Natural Lighting Powder”

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Product details

Positive reviews
Negative reviews


Product details

Please see this page for product details: Best Japanese Loose Setting Powders (Top7)


Positive reviews


My favorite powder

何度もリピートしている お気に入りのパウダーです。
お化粧の仕上げに、江原道のふかふかのパフで、しっかり お顔の上に押しつけます!
暫くは 白浮き状態ですが、最後にブラシで整えてます。
この方法で お化粧崩れを夕方まで 防ぐ事ができますよ!
こちらのパウダーのお陰で お肌も綺麗に毛穴も目立たなくなり お勧めします! 2018/6/20 15:42:52


I’m repeatedly using this powder, and it’s my favorite. I apply this powder by Koh Gen Do’s fluffy puff to finish up my makeup. Also, I usually give skin a light brushing as the powder remains white right after the application. As a result of the brushing, the powder prevents makeup from coming off until evening.
This powder makes my skin fair and hides pores. I strongly recommend this product!

– By on @Cosme


My skin doesn’t get dry.

薄く綺麗に仕上がります。私は頬の毛穴が目立つ方ですが、これをつけてると肌が綺麗いと言われる事が多いです。ふんわりとつけ心地もよく、あまり乾燥することなくいい感じです。付属のパフがとっても柔らかくて本当に気持ち良いです。 2018/12/13 20:34:43


This lightweight powder makes my skin beautiful. Pores on my cheeks stand out, but I’m often told that my skin looks beautiful on the day I’m wearing this powder. The powder is fluffy and feels good, and it doesn’t dry out my skin. The attached puff is very soft, and it also feels very good.

– By ももぺ☆ on @cosme


It hides pores.

[…] 思ったよりたっぷり入ってて驚きました。ポーチがパンパンになっちゃう大きさ。
私は持ち運べないけど、、、。2021/4/4 21:49:49


I was surprised at the amount of the powder. My makeup bag is full because of this powder.
The big puff is easy to use.
I apply this powder to finish up makeup after Koh Gen Do’s liquid foundation.
The powder hides pores and doesn’t drive skin dullness, and it melts into the skin after a while.
Though it would be effective if I put the powder when touching up, I don’t think I would carry this around..

– By nohachan on @cosme


Super fine and fluffy powder

つけた瞬間から肌になじむ超微粒子パウダーというだけあって、息をすると、ふわっと舞うくらいのほんとに細かなお粉![…] 保湿成分のヒアルロン酸と天然シルクがはいっていてメイクをキープしてくれるのがうれしい!
専用オリジナルパフもお気に入り^^大きめで、肌に優しく、パウダーをしっかり含んでくれます。[…] 2011/12/15 19:46:07


As I bought a trial set before and I liked how comfortable it is to wear, I bought the standard size this time.
As advertised, the super fine and fluffy powder fits in the skin.
I’m pleased that hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing ingredient, and natural silk keep my makeup nicely. I also like the attached original puff. It’s big and very soft to the skin and catches the powder firmly.

– By ゆるまめ on @cosme


Negative reviews


Neither good nor bad

4年ほど、マイファンスィー モイスチャー ファンデーションとセットで使用していました。[…] 良い点、悪い点は思い当たらず、特に印象に残ってる点もありません。2020/7/4 12:47:08


I was using this powder with Maifanshi Moisture Foundation [*Koh Gen Do’s Foundation] for 4 years. […] I can’t come up with both good points and bad points. Nothing was impressive.

–  By :::ピーマン::: on @cosme


Not for work



キラキラした艶っぽいメイクがしたい時に使ってます。逆に仕事用には向いてないかなと思います。 2021/2/22 19:50:11


My thoughts after use are as follows:
Good points:

  • This powder is best suited for use after liquid foundation as the powder makes skin glow.
  • The shimmers included in it makes skin look smooth.
  • Makeup doesn’t get messy even if it falls off

Bad points:

  • The powder scatters upon opening the rid
  • The shimmers are too strong. (It depends on personal preference though)
  • Makeup cracks if I use the powder after powdery foundation

I use this powder when I feel like wearing gorgeous and sensual makeup, and therefore I don’t think this is suitable for makeup for work.

– By 寒がりアザラシ on @cosme


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