Reviews – Maquillage “Dramatic Rouge EX”

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Maquillage “Dramatic Rouge EX”
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Product details

Positive reviews
Negative reviews


Product details

Please see this page for product details: Best Japanese Lipsticks (Top7)

Positive reviews


 The best color for those who love orange lipsticks

オレンジ好きにはたまらない [*カラー:OR420 ナイーブオプティミスト]
つけると唇がプルルンとなります。発色も、色持ちも良いので、出番の多いアイテムです。なくなったら、リピすると思います。 2020/08/28


This is the best color for those who love orange lipsticks [*OR420 Naive optimist]. It plums lips, it has great color payoff, the color lasts well, and therefore I use this item very frequently. I would purchase another one when I use it up to the end.

– By ゆきっちたん on SHISEIDO


Sparkling fruit color series

スパークリングフルーツカラー BR6341 […]ドラマティックルージュEXはとにかく塗り心が最高!

スパークリングフルーツカラーは2層のマーブルになっており透け感のある ぷっくり唇に

BR6341 ダークチェリーソーダ はニュートラルカラーなのでイエベさん、ブルベさんどちらもOK!

重ね塗りで濃さは調整できます […] 2021/9/25 14:19:10


I bought the color “BR6341 Sparkling fruit color – Dark cherry soda.” I really like how smoothly it spreads on my lips.
This is recommended even for those who have lips easy to get rough as it includes beauty oil.
The lipsticks of Sparkling fruit color series are made by mixing two colors, and they make lips look transparent and plump.
As BR6341 is a natural color, this is suited for yellow undertone (warm) skin and blue undertone (cool) skin. Choose this color if you cannot decide which one to get!
It’s slightly brown, but the color is adjustable by applying it twice or more.

– By sorairo・☆゚:*:゚ on @cosme


Everyone can find the best suited color

色の展開も豊富なので、誰でも必ず似合う色があるのも大事◎ […] 2021/9/23 12:57:54


My most important points of lipsticks are that it moisturizes lips and that it doesn’t make rough lips, and this is the perfect lipstick for me.
Though the color transfers to face masks and the color falls off, I don’t mind them.
It’s also a good point that there are many color options and that everyone can find the best suited color.

– By koncon on @cosme


Useful for people of all ages

ゴールドのラメがとても綺麗✨ 大人女性必見の美容オイルルージュ💄✨
マキアージュ ドラマティックルージュEX RS329 ローズランデブー
[…]ドラマティックルージュEXといえば、 スルスルと塗りやすく、 保湿力バッチリで、一切荒れない、 大好きなリップ✨💕 […]
1度塗りでもきれいな発色だけど、 2秒唇にあてて、ゆっくりと塗ると しっかり発色します💕 […] アルガンオイルや ホホバオイルなどの厳選された 美容オイルを配合して、 豊かで贅沢な艶感を実現! とにかく保湿力のあるルージュです。
美容オイル、スーパーヒアルロン酸も 配合されているので、 口紅なのに、全く荒れない、 乾燥しない、オフしても、 リップクリームを塗った後みたいな 唇になるんだよね❤ […] 若い方にはとても可愛く使えるし💕 お姉さまには、上品に使えるし💕 世代問わないリップなのも魅力です🥰 顔色も華やかに見せてくれます✨ […] 2021.03.18


The gold shimmer is very beautiful, and this is a must-see item especially for mature ladies.
I bought the color “RS329 Rose rendezvous.”
[…] I really like the Dramatic Rouge RX series since it moisturizes lips, spreads on lips smoothly and never chaps lips. […]
Applying the lipstick just once would be beautiful, but the color would be more brilliant by slowly applying it twice. […] It includes some carefully selected beauty oils such as jojoba oil and argan oil, and it creates gorgeous and glossy lips. It moisturizes lips very well anyway.
Since it includes beauty oils and hyaluronic acid, it does not dry out and chap lips, and furthermore lips keep moisture even after removing it. […] This item is suited for both cute young ladies and elegant mature ladies. It brightens up your face, and it’s an advantage of this item that it would be useful for people of all ages. […]

– By ゆき姉🤴《💗》on LIPS


Negative reviews


The color doesn’t last well

保湿力も高くて長時間持つけど色もちは悪いからテカテカになってるだけです。 2021/9/10 17:15:09


Most of the products from Maquillage look gorgeous, and I bought this item just because of its look. This should be categorized between lipgloss and lip balm as it spreads on lips very smoothly.
Though it moisturizes lips well for hours, the color doesn’t last well and it makes lips too glossy.

–  By まっしろコトリ on @cosme


It transfers to face masks

完全にパケ買いですw 可愛い見た目に一目ぼれ。
でもやっぱりマスクにはついちゃいますね。しょうがないんですけどマスク必須のこの世の中なのでその点がやっぱり気になっちゃいました。 2021/6/21 14:15:30


I bought this item just because of its cute look. It spreads on the lips more smoothly than I expected and it makes my lips very plump. It feels melting and smooth.
It cannot be helped that the color transfers to face masks. It’s acceptable, but it caught my attention now that we have to wear a face mask everyday.

– By kazu.mi3 on @cosme


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