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4 ways to buy Japanese products
Best online shopping sites in Japan
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How to create an account on Rakuten Ichiba (楽天市場) and register your information
How to buy from Rakuten Japan
《Rakuten Ichiba》Tips on Earning Rakuten Points
Rakuten – Japanese Best Shopping Site
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How to create an account on Rakuten Global Express (Forwarder)
5 Japan-Based International Shipping Services
International Package Forwarding Services
Pros and cons of shopping using delivery agencies
● Cosmetics
Japanese cosmetics brands
Japanese mineral cosmetics brands
Author’s Favorite Makeup Products
Product reviews
Primer / Foundation / BB cream / Concealer / Blush / Highlighter / Loose Setting Powder
Mascara and mascara primer / Eyeshadow / EyelinerEyebrow Powder and Mascara
Lipstick / Lip gloss 
Make up tools
Eyelash curler / Makeup brush
● Skincare products
 Facial cleanser / Face wash / Skin lotion / Emulsion / Facial cream / Face serum / Eye serum / Sheet mask (for daily care) / Luxury sheet mask / Sunscreen
Japanese skincare brands
Best Japanese Skincare Products
Skincare Brands for Sensitive Skin
Skincare Brands for Dry Skin
Skincare Brands for Combination Skin
Skincare Brands for Acne/Oily Skin
Skincare Brands for Skin Brightening
Skincare Products for Pore Care
Skincare Brands for Anti-Aging
● Featured products
Rohto Pharmaceutical’s Obagi C Serum Series
  Rohto Pharmaceutical’s Melano CC Series
  Curél from KAO
● Devices & appliances
Panasonic’s Best Facial / Body Care Devices
ebay – top-selling Japanese Products (in English)
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