Japanese Skincare Brands for Anti-Aging

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Japanese Skincare Brands for Anti-Aging
Photo credit: Woman photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

1. Cosme Decorté – AQ MELIORITY
3. Attenir – Dress Lift
4. Obagi – Derma Power X
5. ELIXIR – Advanced Aging Care
6. NOV – L&W
7. Curél – Aging Care


\\Available at department stores//


DECORTEÉ (Cosme Decorté) – AQ MELIORITY Series

Photo credit: https://www.cosmedecorte.com/aq_meliority/

Cosme Decorte’s AQ MELIORITY series is a luxury skincare brand from KOSE. It has makeup products, but skincare products are also popular. The series focuses on skin’s original ability to regenerate and makes the most of and enhances the ability. The products are designed to soak into skin quickly and keep skin hydrated.

Effects & Description: Skin lotion includes plenty of beauty ingredients and improves skin firmness. Also, it’s effective in skin-brightening. Facial cream (“Intensive Cream”) includes 30 different types of beauty ingredients and helps you look younger. (*Intensive cream is 132,000 yen..!) Emulsion helps build skin firmness and gives your skin transparency. Also, skin texture will be improved. Serums are sold as a set of two: for daytime and for night. The set is designed for an intensive care for 7days. The one for daytime keeps skin hydrated and makes skin glowing. The one for night improves skin firmness and makes skin resilient. 

● Brand page on one of the biggest Japanese review sites: @cosme
● Search term: コスメデコルテ AQミリオリティ

● Official website: https://www.cosmedecorte.com/en-jp/aq_meliority/ (eng)

You can purchase them on Rakuten Ichiba >>>
Cleansing cream (150g)
リペア クレンジングクリーム n
Face wash (200ml)
リペア フォーミングウォッシュ n
Skin lotion (200ml)
リペア ローション n
Emulsion (200ml)
リペア エマルジョン n
Intensive cream (45g)
インテンシブ クリーム n
Intensive eye cream (20g)
インテンシブ アイクリーム n
Serum for daytime (30ml)
ダブル コンセントレイション デイセラム n
Serum for night (30ml)
ダブル コンセントレイション ナイトセラム n
Package deal of serums
ダブル コンセントレイション n


\\Available at drugstores and shopping malls//



ORBIS U. Series
Photo credit: https://www.orbis.co.jp/special/orbis_udot/index/

ORBIS says ORBIS U dot is a top series among other series from ORBIS. What is special about this series is that the products keep skin well hydrated. The products focus on circulation of moisture and oil within skin and keep skin healthy.

Fece wash, skin lotion and facial cream are available for now, and amazingly all of them are categorized as quasi-drug, which means the effects are proven.

Effects: The products are effective in keeping skin hydrated and moisturized and improving skin firmness. In addition, a beauty ingredient “Tranexamic acid” inhibits melanin formation and prevents spots and freckles to brighten skin tone.

Description: Face wash will gently remove dead skin cells. Lightweight skin lotion will soak into skin and keep skin hydrated. The texture of facial cream is rich and moist, and it puts a lid on skin so that the skin retains moisture.

● Brand page on one of the biggest Japanese review sites: @cosme
● Search term: オルビスユードット

● Official website: https://www.orbis.co.jp/special/orbis_udot/

You can purchase them on ORBIS’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba >>>
Face wash (120g)
オルビス ユードット ウォッシュ
Skin lotion (180ml)
オルビス ユードット ローション
Facial cream (50g)
オルビス ユードット モイスチャー
Package deal (above-mentioned 3 items)
Trial set


Attenir – Dress Lift Series

Attenir - Dress Lift Series
Photo credit: https://www.attenir.co.jp/pub/

Attenir is a skincare brand which is trying to sell high performance and first class products at one third of the price of skincare products sold at department stores.“Dress Lift” is an anti-aging line, and it’s recommended for people at 40s or more.

Effects: The products are designed to improve skin firmness. Refer to the description below for other effects.

Description: The products are damask rose scented and make you refreshed. Skin lotion is designed to soak into skin very well and keeps skin hydrated. (Stratum corneum gets ticker as people get older, and it becomes difficult for skin to absorb lotion and serums.) Emulsion is a daytime moisturizer. This prevents skin dullness caused by dryness which often happens at evening. (←This is what I hate most about my skin!) Rich and moist night cream makes skin resilient. All the products introduced above include fermented collagen.

● Brand page on one of the biggest Japanese review sites: @cosme
● Search term:
アテニア ドレスリフト
● Official website: https://www.attenir.co.jp/skincare/dresslift/

You can purchase them on Attenir’s official online shop on Rakuten Ichiba >>>
Face wash (120g)
ドレスリフト フェイシャルウォッシュ

Skin lotion (150ml)
ドレスリフト ローション
Emulsion for daytime (60ml)

ドレスリフト デイエマルジョン
Face cream for night (35g)

ドレスリフト ナイトクリーム


Obagi – Derma Power X Series

As written in this page (Rohto Pharmaceutical’s Obagi C Serum Series), Obagi from Rohto Pharmaceutical is an innovative skincare brand and often appears on magazines and SNSs. Obagi Derma Power X series is an anti-aging series from Obagi brand.

Effects: The products from this series are designed to improve skin firmness and increase collagen and elastin(*) which decrease year by year. (*Elastin adds resilience to skin.) Also, they would improve dry skin and small wrinkles caused by dryness.

Description: Serum is rich texture, and facial cream is also rich and moist. Both of them have effects on skin firmness. Eye cream is for those who have problems with skin dullness around eyes. It hydrates skin from the inside. Lip essence includes many beauty ingredients such as vitamin A derivative, elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Obagi series is relatively high-priced compared to other products sold at drugstores, but it’s worth your money! Rohto pharmaceutical conducts research and development over and over and releases many excellent products. You might hesitate to try the products because of their price, but just believe Rohto’s technology:) 

● Brand page on one of the biggest Japanese review sites: @cosme
● Search term: オバジ ダーマパワーX

● Official website: https://www.obagi.co.jp/derma-powerx/

You can purchase them on Rakuten Ichiba >>>
Facial cream (50g)
Eye cream (20g)
Serum (30ml)
ステムリフト セラム(レギュラーサイズ)
Serum (50ml)
ステムリフト セラム(ラージサイズ)
Lip balm (10g)


ELIXIR – Advanced Aging Care Series 

ELIXIR - Advanced Aging Care Series 
Photo credit: https://www.shiseido.co.jp/elixir/advanced/

ELIXIL is one of the most popular anti-aging skincare brands in Japan. The reason why it is so popular is that there is no difference between ELIXIR’s products and skincare products sold at department stores though ELIXIR’s products are affordable.

Among other series, “Advanced Aging Care” series has the most powerful effects on anti-aging as it’s named “advanced”.

Effects: According to ELIXIR‘a website, this series are effective in improving wrinkles, skin firmness and skin transparency. Also, they keep skin hydrated and moisturized.

Description: Skin lotion is rich and moist and includes collagen. It helps with plumping your skin by retaining moisture in skin. Serum comes with massage rollers which can be used to facelift and massages around eyes. Two types of facial creams are available. One (“Enriched Cream TB”) is focusing on skin firmness and rich and moist more than the other one. The other one (“Enriched Clear Cream TB”) is lightweight moisturizer and effective in  skin-brightening. And this one is categorized as quasi-drug.

ELIXIR is one of the SHISEIDO’s brands and quite reliable. If you can’t decide which one to choose, I recommend ELIXIR. ELIXIR’s products would be practical for everyone.

● Brand page on one of the biggest Japanese review sites: @cosme
● Search term:
エリクシール アドバンスド エイジングケアシリーズ
● Official website: https://www.shiseido.co.jp/elixir/advanced/

You can purchase it here >>>
Lotion T I (170ml)
ローション T I(さっぱり)
Lotion T II (170ml)
ローション T II(しっとり)
Lotion T III 化粧水 (170ml)
ローション T III(とてもしっとり)
Emulsion T I (130ml)
アドバンスド エマルジョン T I(さっぱり)
Emulsion T II (130ml)
アドバンスド エマルジョン T II(しっとり)
Emulsion T III (130ml)
アドバンスド エマルジョン T III(とてもしっとり)
*I is watery liquid, II is moisturizing and III is the richest liquid among these three products

Serum (comes with roller) (40g)
Enriched cream TB (45g)
エンリッチドクリーム TB (*This cream is from ELIXIR SUPERIEUR series)


NOV – L&W Series

NOV - L&W Series
Photo credit: https://noevirgroup.jp/nov/g/g51604/

NOV is a skincare brand for sensitive skin. Its products are dealt in dermatology clinics in Japan, and dermatologists recommend NOV’s skincare products to people who have skin problems because they are low irritative.

This pink series is focusing on anti-aging. I have actually used this series, and i was amazed that it had moisturized my skin very well and that my skin had gotten more resilient than before.

Effects: Expected effects of these products are the followings: resilience, skin-brightening, improvement of skin problems and small wrinkles caused by dryness. Also, they moisturize your skin very very well.

If you want to build skin resiliency and need a good moisturizer, this series would be the best choice.

● Brand page on one of the biggest Japanese review sites: @cosme
● Search term:
ノブ L&Wシリーズ
● Official website: https://noevirgroup.jp/nov/

You can purchase it here >>>
Cleansing Oil Gel (105g)
Face wash (foamed) (200ml)
Skin lotion (120m)
Skin lotion (advanced) (120ml)
エンリッチローション EX
Serum for skin firmness (28g)
Serum for skin-brightening (30g)
Emulsion (80ml)
Facial cream (48g)
Eye cream for wrinkles (12g)
Sunscreen (SPF32 PA++++)(30g)
デイエッセンス UV
Trial set


Curél – Aging Care Serie

As written in other pages on this website, Curél is a skincare brand for sensitive skin. Since the price is low, Curél’s products are suited to be continuously used in your skincare routine. 

Effects: This purple series is for anti-aging, and ceramides included in the products will support effects of ceramides which originally exist in skin. Also, they obscure small wrinkles by keeping skin hydrated, and they are effective in creating resilient and healthy skin.

Description: Skin lotion, gel cream and facial cream are available from this series, and all of them are free from colorant, perfume and alcohol. Also, ingredients such as ceramide function ingredient, eucalyptus extracts and asunaro extracts moisturize your skin very well.

● Brand page on one of the biggest Japanese review sites: @cosme
● Search term: 
キュレル エイジングケアシリーズ
● Official website: https://web.kao.com/sg/curel/ (eng)

You can purchase the on Rakuten Ichiba >>>
Skin lotion (140ml)
エイジングケアシリーズ 化粧水
Gel cream (40g)
エイジングケアシリーズ フェイスジェルクリーム
Facial cream (40g)
エイジングケアシリーズ クリーム

Trial set


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